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Today, there is such a problem as not a sufficient level of active implementation of blockchain technology in the business processes of many companies around the world. Now this question requires a solution and the world needs a project that would solve this problem. This project is Aergo.

Aergo is a protocol that will be an ecosystem that will allow businesses to use the blockchain in their work. Now there are very few DApps working and one of the reasons for this is their low efficiency in work. Many projects operate on platforms that do not allow for a sufficient number of transactions. The business has many problems to work with blockchain. Corporations want to use it in their work, however they face unsolved problems: scalability, distributed control, security. Businesses need an easily scalable blockchain, which they can use in their work, while having sufficient security in their work.

The main interest in the platform comes primarily from the business. The project is already developing a fairly successful company, Blocko. Success is confirmed by the support of well-known brands.

Features and benefits of the project:

It is very good that the Aergo team is thinking about how to make blockchain technology available to a large circle of people. Their platform can really be a great breakthrough. The Aergo platform aims to enable enterprises and developers to easily create their own applications.

We all know that blockchain technology leads to lower business costs. This is an important reason why a business is really looking towards introducing this technology. The main feature of the project is to build an ecosystem that will allow a business to develop products to their own requirements and make it simple. Now, many companies are forced to choose blockchain, which is not fully consistent with what they need. Either the business simply refuses to use the technology. Aergo solves this problem by providing the business with the opportunity to use a blockchain, which has sufficient bandwidth, allows you to protect information, while receiving advantages in the use of technology.

Aergo project competitors can be considered large blockchain of similar level QTUM, AION, ICON, Wanchain and completely new YGGDRASH, Edenchain, etc. In fact, many people believe that the Aergo project should show something special. A lot depends on how the team develops its blockchain. Now the project has good support from well-known corporations. Perhaps they will be the first customers of Aergo.

How does the project work:

The whole architecture of the project consists of three parts.

- Aergo Chain, which is a blockchain designed to solve public blockchain problems. It will allow the use of SQL platform-based smart contracts, and will also have advanced features, such as distributed version and concurrency control.
- Aergo Hub, which is responsible for using an open interface for building, testing deployment and managing independent blockchain based on the Aergo Chain.
- Aergo Marketplace will allow you to acquire computing assets.

> Storage
>> Computational power
>>> Algorithms


Many are trying to build an ecosystem that will allow businesses to use blockchain technology in their processes. Now the Aergo project has many competitors. In any case, the project can be considered interesting. The introduction of blockchain technology interests many businesses and this is a very promising direction.

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