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The paradigm of development of any modern business is shifting towards the Internet space. In order to be competitive, a company must have its own website and convenient online store, which will be safe to interact with customers, accept payments and deliver goods anywhere in the world. In today's world in the online store you can buy any product, ranging from clothing or accessories and even real estate on the other end of the world, the main thing to have access to the Internet, smartphone and funds in the account.

This way of doing business is widespread throughout the world for a number of advantages. According to statistics for 2016, every fourth inhabitant of the planet bought goods via the Internet. Every year the number of purchases on the Internet is growing rapidly. This market has great prospects, but payment by Bank cards still has its drawbacks.

I want to reveal in more detail the existing problems and difficulties of this sphere. I'll start with the benefits of online shopping:

1. A wide range of products and all you have in mind, you just choose the product by viewing the pages of being in a convenient place;
2. The goods are cheaper, as the seller does not pay rent and the staff in the online store less;
3. You save a lot of time on searching for products, all of them in your smartphone;
4. You can quickly compare the characteristics of products from different stores;
5. You can also order delivery of any kind anywhere in the world.

But no matter how beautiful it sounds, this sphere still has its drawbacks:

1. Once registered on the site you will receive advertising spam every day and will not want to buy more in this store;
2. When you pay for the goods, the scammers can extract your card data and steal the funds;
3. When you buy a product on a new website for you, you can buy low-quality goods and of course you will not be reimbursed for the loss.

The Ubcoin project will eliminate these shortcomings and make purchases on the Internet pleasant and safe!

With the emergence and wide spread of cryptocurrency, it began to penetrate into all spheres of our life and this is understandable, because it is convenient, fast, cheap and safe. And of course, began to appear shops with the ability to pay in cryptocurrency.

The Ubcoin project addresses existing shortcomings through the introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts. All financial transactions at purchase will now be safe and completely transparent.
Ubcoin is not just a bare idea, the team that creates it is known since 2009 and the most successful development of their application was Ubank. Today it is a standard application on phones such as Huawei, Fly and Samsung, and the audience of users is more than 16 million. Before launching the Ubcoin project, The team conducted a large survey among its users to determine the interest of the future product and found that 79% of respondents showed great interest in Ubcoin. These data laid the Foundation for further development of the project.

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The team offers its users a mobile application for any gadgets in which users can buy and sell any goods with the help of cryptocurrency. All financial transactions will be made using the Ubcoin token. The main difference of the project will be that after pressing the payment button, the funds will be frozen and will go to the seller's account only after both parties to the transaction are satisfied. Thus, the buyer will be protected from fraudsters and low-quality goods.

What are the advantages of Ubcoin project for users?

1. Protection against fraud thanks to blockchain;
2. Buy a token you can earn on its rate, so the demand for it will increase;
3. Buying and selling without intermediaries will save your money;
4. Full payment guarantee, because you pay only after receiving the goods;
5. Payment for goods and services with a single Ubcoin token, which can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency.

The team aims to create such a digital market with many indicators about the seller and its product, real recall and ratings. Now millions of people around the world will be able to quickly and safely buy goods with the help of cryptocurrency.

Here is a brief overview of the mobile app:

Conclusions and my opinion about the project

With the entry into the Ubcoin market, the team will be able to solve many problems of the online shopping sphere. And thanks to increased trust, the platform will attract many users. The team of more than 50 professionals in their field, who have extensive experience in developing such applications, which increases the credibility of the project. And thanks to cooperation with such corporations as Huawei, Fly and Samsung in the first days the application will receive hundreds of thousands of users. Ordinary investors who buy tokens Ubcoin can also earn on the course of Ubcoin.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Ubcoin?

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Yes, many online stores have fake seller ratings

17.06.2018 18:57

the developers did the right thing that conducted a survey, it is almost a guarantee of demand for such an online store

17.06.2018 19:16

It is a good idea to freeze funds, it will significantly increase the trust to the site from the very beginning and quickly attract new users

18.06.2018 18:58

Not every project can boast of such partners with a worldwide reputation, it speaks about the seriousness of the project

18.06.2018 19:25

Interesting application of smart contracts

20.06.2018 14:06

I think with such a large clientele the project will quickly become very popular, I will buy their tokens, I think there will be a good growth

23.06.2018 04:57