The collapse of prices📉 on the background of cool news. The next rally will be epic 🚀🚀🚀


hello (1).png, my dear friends!

The last couple of weeks have been great in terms of news.

галочка.png First, the SEC's statement that the ether is not a security. This is a very powerful statement for the market.

галочка.png Second, Tether Ltd, the Issuer of digital currency, USDT, was finally able to convince investors that every stablecoin USDT backed by real USD.

галочка.png Fresh Sporkin & Sullivan LLP law firm, after an audit and numerous audits, confirmed the presence of $ 2.54 billion in tether Ltd Bank accounts.

галочка.png Co-founder of Free Sporkin & Sullivan LLP is the former Director of the FBI Luis Fries, so the results of their audit can be relied upon, this company will not risk its reputation.

These two events were supposed to have a strong impact on the market, but given the fact that we are in the downtrend since January, the news did not affect the price. In the bear market all the bad news sounds just awful,and good news users ignore.

What I'm going to do myself and what I recommend to you is HODL and be patient. Patience is the most necessary thing for us now.

в2.png And now I'll tell you some super news that will soon send the market to the moon

Let's go.png

hotselling.gif Super-positive news about the launch of the July 25 crypto exchange DX Exchange on the basis of NASDAQ infrastructure, which has already registered half a million traders. Exchange users can not only engage in crypto trading, but also convert coins into Fiat and withdraw money, and the NASDAQ infrastructure will provide fast and high-quality operation of the site. Thousands of developers around the world are working 24/7, building the infrastructure to make it easy for ordinary investors to trade.

hotselling.gif June 26 - lifting the ban on Facebook ads

hotselling.gif June 29 - closing of futures

hotselling.gif July 2 - opening of the six-month futures

hotselling.gif July 7-8 - Summit of G20

Also remember that % of involvement in the crypto market is very small, only 0.5% of the world's population, and 99.5% are those who can potentially enter, and I look forward to that moment.

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