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In social networks are constantly online hundreds of millions of users. Without them, such giants as Facebook and LinkedIn will mean nothing, because they are valuable and develop these platforms. Ordinary people just get free use of the platform. Have you ever thought that there are alternatives that reward their users with money?

Read on and I promise you will be delighted!

Indeed, millions of users open their personal information in their profiles, post valuable content and involve new members. Thanks to the activity of users, these platforms survive and get huge profits.

I think each of us is on LinkedIn. It was created so that the employer and the applicant could find suitable options for themselves and be confident in the quality of the data. But many of the data is forged and today the personnel Department first examines your profile, then invites you to an interview and carefully checks all your skills and experience. To find a suitable co-worker company often spends a lot of resources.

And even if you fully fit all the criteria you can answer that you have no experience or it is not enough if you are a young specialist or just graduated from an educational institution. I am sure each of us remembers these unpleasant words and the disappointment.

Fortunately for us, with the advent of blockchain, we managed to change many aspects of life and finally found a solution, the SpringRole project, which can save us from these problems!

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The project was created from scratch and the team took into account all the shortcomings of existing systems to all sides of the process won and were satisfied. They have implemented a system of incentives for each user, i.e. the users themselves can confirm skills, abilities or certain experience and will be rewarded for it.

The main goal is to create a useful and proven resource with no doubt about the quality of the data. Thus, employers and recruiters will be able to quickly find the best candidates, and applicants will find a decent job with transparent conditions.

Thanks to the immutability of blockchain technology, all data will be real and everyone can always have their digital CV, certificates or licenses with them. This is the idea pursued by the developers and decided to build a large-scale Protocol, which enables to check all the papers in order and be confident in the veracity of the information.

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The prospects of the project

It's time to say "no" to fakes and fake profiles, because now all the data can be checked thanks to the blockchain. And thanks to the system of incentives, the site will receive a huge number of users and employers, who will now be able to save significant resources. The project solves a very important problem of the process of hiring employees and testing their skills and the use of blockchain is necessary here.

Sign up today and become part of a new professional network without fakes!

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Comments 8

Приветствую вас, я бот GolosPlus+. Я помогу вам значительно увеличить количество апвотов(лайков) и подписчиков на вашем блоге. Это позволит вам выделиться среди других авторов и показать всем новым пользователям, что ваш блог имеет заинтересованную аудиторию.

Мой принцип работы очень прост:

  1. Вы ставите апвоты (лайки) другим пользователям, зарабатывая таким образом баллы, за которые вы сможете заказать лайки к своей статье (посту);
  2. Подписываетесь на других пользователей, получаете баллы, за которые потом заказываете подписчиков на свою страницу.

Важно: Если вы не хотите совершать лайки и подписки, но хотите накрутить свой блог, то вы сможете заказать нужное вам количество баллов написав @kopirax

У нас действует 2-х уровневая партнерская программа. Это означает, что Вы можете приглашать новых пользователей и получать за это дополнительные баллы.

22.07.2018 21:40

Yes, under the guise of free use, we instead give a lot of their data, which then corporations earn hundreds of millons of dollars.

29.07.2018 17:43

It would be interesting to see how this application works. I think the interviews will now be short and pleasant)

30.07.2018 11:58

I think everyone is already tired of fake accounts in social networks, now there is no certainty that you are communicating with this person who is in the profile picture.

30.07.2018 18:16

Hmm, I liked the idea. We will monitor the development of the project

30.07.2018 18:35

I think all people without experience will be delighted with the appearance of such a platform. And in the future it will replace LinkedIn

01.08.2018 08:31

Yes, and the truth of the blockchain removes disputes and makes everything transparent. Now our skills will not be tested every time)

04.08.2018 22:26