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Every day we use our favorite gadgets are equipped with operating systems Android, iOS, Microsoft. We do not think how it all works, we are just comfortable.

Often I and I am sure each of you would like to change something , something to change or even remove. But we are not programmers, we do not know special codes and therefore we have to accept it or look for another option.

Create operating systems is the lot of high-level professionals. Sometimes a programmer can spend a whole day or even several days to optimize a small function. Therefore, such work is often outsourced so as not to burden the main staff, but it is expensive sometimes very expensive.

But often even good programmers with a deep knowledge of the code can not create software that would be ideal for a particular business. Every business is a living organism and it is always different from another. The problem with software is that they are created according to a template without taking into account the peculiarities of each business.

The Sparkster project is ready to solve current problems and provide the public with a simple and original solution!

The idea of the project is to create a global decentralized software. On this platform, everyone will be able to create an operating system to their liking completely without knowledge of the code with a convenient and intuitive user interface. All this will work very quickly and the speed of transactions will reach up to 10 million per second!

Any your desire can be realized by you without application of special efforts and deep knowledge of programming. Create and sell decentralized applications on Sparkster platform or ask for expert advice and it will be much cheaper than usual services.

Sparkster is a secure decentralized storage so you don't have to worry about the safety of your data. All data is encrypted and all operations on the platform are transparent.

Decentralized cloud Sparkster can create serious competition to such it giants as Google and Microsoft, because such servers are centralized and very attractive to scammers, in addition, the cost of maintaining such servers is much higher than in a decentralized network.

An important advantage of the project that distinguishes it from the bulk is a working product that everyone can test and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. The team has already collected all the necessary funds for the development of the project. A total of 290 million tokens with the abbreviation SPARK were issued, each token costs $ 0.15.

It should be noted that the project has a very strong and experienced team consisting of high level professionals who have worked in such company as IBM, CISCO, AT&T and WIPRO. All of them were engaged in the development of cloud applications, software and specialists in blockchain technology.

Conclusions and Outlook

The ability to create your own software without code knowledge will open up great opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, help to optimize processes and make technological solutions more convenient and efficient. And most importantly, user data will be securely protected.

Follow the links and create applications that are fully suited to you!

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