SmartContainers simplify container transportation around the world!


Container transportation takes about 60% of all logistics in the world. This method of transportation has already proved its efficiency and profitability. But, despite this, there is one rather serious problem, the solution of which is still not – the complexity of the transport of perishable products. The use of standard containers in this case is not possible, and the search for suitable equipment can take several weeks or even months, due to the lack of a single database of specialized containers. In addition, for the organization of transportation of specific goods, a huge amount of paperwork is required.

SmartContainers is a platform that will significantly simplify the container transportation of various perishable products or goods that require special transportation conditions.


Features and principle of Smart Containers

Smart Containers blockchain platform will combine 3 different business models at once:

1. SkyCell. This company ranks 4th in the ranking of the largest companies engaged in the development and supply of pharmaceutical containers and transport. By linking to the blockchain platform Smart Containers it will be able to get rid of intermediaries, and accordingly – to reduce costs and speed up transactions with customers;
2. FoodGuardians. Its main task within the framework of the platform will be to ensure reliable transportation of customers ' products;
3. Logistics blockchain platform Logi Chain. This platform will become a bridge for communication between service providers and consumers. With its help, the customer will be able to monitor and manage containers.

The work will be as follows: partners of Smart Containers (SkyCell and FoodGuardians) provide a database of containers and offers for transportation of goods. All containers are equipped with IoT-systems that will not only track the cargo, but also to control the temperature inside with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Users will be able to choose the appropriate offer and through smart contracts and internal tokens to conclude a deal for rent, purchase, transportation, etc.


Advantages Of Smart Containers

1. The platform works with leading companies in the field of medical and food containers;
2. The modern technological base (Autonomous containers 4.0 with IoT sensors and Autonomous control systems) will be used as the basis of the platform;
3. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts ensures the reliability and honesty of the transaction between the customer and the supplier, and also eliminates intermediaries from their relationship;
4. Building a large ecosystem, which can be accessed by any logistics companies and users.


ICO and SmartContainers tokens

Two types of tokens will function within the framework of the platform:

1. SMART. These tokens are designed to scale the foodguardians and SkyCell divisions, and can be considered investment tokens. Their holders will be able to receive up to 20% of the companies ' profits in ETH. The tokens themselves are built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC-20 standard;
2. LOGI. Internal tokens that will be used within the ecosystem to pay for services and commissions. They are also based on the Ethereum blockchain and meet the ERC-20 standard.

Token Sale started on 7 June 2018, and will last until 30 June 2018.


SmartContainers is a very promising project with real application value for the global container shipping industry. Its commercial potential is also supported by the fact that it is based on the work of two real-life companies, and within the ICO, 2 types of tokens will be issued. More information can be found on the official website of the project.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Smart Containers?


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15.06.2018 09:39

The main partners are already waiting for the launch of the platform

17.06.2018 09:09

I think buying their tokens is a good option for passive income

17.06.2018 12:28

It seems to me that the project token will not grow by 10,000%, but it will be a stable income because the platform will always be in demand

17.06.2018 19:14

A very necessary idea, I think logistics companies will quickly learn about it and start using it

18.06.2018 08:44

Now the delivery of the most exotic products will be even better and perhaps on the shelves of supermarkets there will be more of these products

18.06.2018 14:46