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How often do you shop?

In the supermarket or the Internet - it does not matter. I'm sure most of us will answer: every day, and sometimes several times a day. Whether it's a small shop or a huge supermarket you will be asked if there is a loyalty card. First you will be asked to fill out a large questionnaire and leave a lot of your personal information, then you will receive a bunch of spam on your email or SMS notifications that are annoying.

Because of the excessive annoyance and impracticality of the companies get annoyed customers instead of loyal. The situation will soon change qualitatively!

The loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to make the customer permanent thus making the profit of your business more predictable. The idea is very attractive and has potential benefits, but its modern implementation is far from ideal. There are several methods - this is an additional discount, coupons for the next purchase or accumulation of bonus points on the card, which can be exchanged for a discount.Everyone loves attention and care - loyalty program is a way to show it, reward the buyer, in time to inform him about the promotions interesting for him, to acquire new and maintain existing customers. Despite this, many sellers neglect the improvement and implementation of this option than harm their business. According to statistics, in 2017 the number of unused bonuses is estimated at $ 100 billion, but customers have not used them, which proves the inefficiency of existing customer loyalty programs.

Area requires changes and platform SLP Network creates them!

SLP is a global platform for loyalty programs on the blockchain, which will give the opportunity to exchange various bonuses of loyalty programs among themselves and provide a mechanism for direct marketing. The main task of the platform is to make loyalty programs more effective and increase their importance in modern business.

The project was created by a team with 5 years of experience in this field. The project Manager has more than 100 major customers worldwide including Papa John's, Estee Lauder and Volkswagen.

Why will customers and companies switch to the SLP platform very soon?

  1. The ability to change the bonuses from one company to the other company bonuses;
  2. Transparent conditions for receiving bonuses in various loyalty programs;
  3. There is no need to fill out large forms and leave your personal data;
  4. Notifications about new promotions and discounts come directly to the mobile app based on your preferences;
  5. Safety of bonuses on own secure cryptocurrency wallets.

Conclusions and development plans

You can set up such a loyalty program in your business in a few clicks. Using this platform, companies will be directly connected to their customers and all transactions will be transparent and secure. This will make the loyalty program more effective and personalized. By the end of 2018, the team will have developed an app for partner companies, and a custom app will be developed in the first months of 2019. The launch of the main network is planned until mid-2019.
Join the SLP now and become part of the digital marketing revolution!

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A very interesting ICO project, subscribed to you. I will be glad of reciprocity

12.07.2018 12:54

Thank you, glad that you liked) I also subscribed to you!

12.07.2018 13:30

I liked the project, I will monitor its implementation and wait for the platform's release

13.07.2018 05:31

Something is not in a hurry with the team to develop applications, although six months is not such a long time, but the idea is interesting

14.07.2018 09:29

Thanks for the interesting review, it's a fresh cool idea!

14.07.2018 15:23

Hmm, quite interestingly, I'll read the documents.

17.07.2018 22:55

I understand that the project founder has enough experience working with large companies to implement the project

18.07.2018 14:39

The project already has serious partners. If they are already interested in such a project, then it will definitely develop.

24.07.2018 18:37