Seele - building the Internet of Value for the Future!


Over the past two years, blockchain technology is increasingly striking the world with its developments and finds practical application in everyday life and business processes.

On the world scene comes a true giant, the leader of the blockchain industry, the project Seele!

The developers intend to create a global ecosystem that will expand the use of the whole technology and improve the efficiency of existing ecosystems. Seele team took all the advantages of the 1st generation blockchain (Bitcoin), 2nd generation (Ethereum for example) and even the third generation (EOS, Dfinity, ICON and Cosmos for example) as a basis. The main goal of the developers is global industrial implementation.

What innovations have appeared in Seele and why it can be considered the first in the world of blockchain 4.0?

The project is based on a scalable neural consensus Protocol. Due to this, the parallel processing of heterogeneous nodes is achieved, which have the structure of the forest and perform many tasks of various kinds.
It looks pretty unclear, but I'll tell you it in simple language:

What is a neural consensus algorithm and why is it needed?

All currently existing blockchains have one serious drawback - scalability, the more nodes in the network, the slower they start to work so their industrial implementation and use becomes impossible.


Learn more about heterogeneous forest network and its functions

Each blockchain basically created to solve one or more tasks for the business as a result there are many different networks that do not interact with each other. The issue of secure interaction between different blockchains is very important and relevant, it will allow absolutely no risk to transfer values. And the second advantage of this structure is the optimization of resources, as each business task is performed on its own blockchain.

Seele is the future technology available now!

Thanks to a set of innovative solutions, this project improves blockchain technology today. Large funds and corporations with a world name among which Stanford and Oxford University and IBM are already interested in the project. The team managed to solve the most important problems that prevent the introduction of blockchain in every sphere of business and its mass use. The main network will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018, and you can monitor the development process by reading monthly reports.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Seele?


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Previously, to transfer Ethereum to Bitcoin it was necessary to use the exchange, and now it's all on one platform and I do not risk making so many transfers

24.06.2018 09:07

I think through this project the blockchain will be included in our daily lives

25.06.2018 10:04

Recently, many projects have appeared, but not one of them could not solve the problem of widespread implementation

26.06.2018 04:35

According to the description of a very promising project. It is good that the launch of the working network is close, I will monitor the reports of developers.

28.06.2018 12:27

If such large partners are interested in this project, I think it will be successful

29.06.2018 15:05