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L - Pesa is a financial technology platform that provides new financial instruments for consumers and small businesses in Africa and Asia. With it, many families will be able to create for themselves additional vozmozhnoti . L-Pesa platform borrowers use funds to start or grow a business, pay for education, or otherwise support their ambitions in life. The use of the allocated token in the blockchain means that all investors can benefit from the capital gains generated by the network effect. Coins are limited in supply, and as L-Pesa expands, people can pay their loans in coins. Coins can also be used to buy goods and services.

L - Pesa Microfinance is a startup ready to take advantage of the rapidly growing need for financial services in the developing world. The company has tested its operating model over the past 18 months and has built sophisticated technologies, automating most of the work.

The loan repayment rate is about 90%, and the yield on loans -
about 25%. Such statistics have a good influence on the development of the sphere of financing.

The idea of L-Pesa has been nurtured for about 10 years and launched into a full-fledged business when four important market forces have teamed up to allow scaling:

  1. Big data, artificial intelligence and appeared blockchaine;
  2. Alternative credit data;
  3. Scaling mobile technologies;
  4. The possibility of biometric identification;

L-Pesa used these market forces and built a technology and its own credit rating model that allows micro-credit to be scaled up rapidly in developing countries, while maintaining loss ratios below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small group of offices to support a large volume of lending. All loans are serviced By l-Pesa.

Ron Ezra Tuval, founder and managing Director of L-Pesa, has extensive experience in developing countries, mainly related to agricultural and tourism technologies. Ron first met microfinance in Southeast Asia and spent ten years incubating the idea of L-Pesa, waiting for the necessary technology to emerge. Ron has created a strong and diverse team for L-Pesa with in-country leaders working in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, as well as a development team in India. There is also a back-office team in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda that deals with background checks, credit approval and customer service. Technology, marketing and accounting teams work on a virtual model and consist of experienced employees in Europe, USA and India.

L-Pesa pays great attention to automation. 95% of the user acquisition and underwriting process is automated and therefore highly scalable. The company spent two years developing its client and back office systems using a team of seven software developers.
The L-Pesa technology stack is built on top of Amazon Web services, an extremely scalable on-demand cloud computing platform that has been used or is being used by major brands such as Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Spotify.

L-Pesa has integrated a number of third-party applications to perform tasks such as SMS messaging, user validation, and marketing. The transfer of funds is carried out through integration with the providers of mobile money services such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and MTN.

L-Pesa has issued more than 35,000 loans since its launch in March 2016. More than 160,000 users registered on the basis of social marketing campaigns with a minimum budget. The marketing strategy has been refined over the last 18 months and L-Pesa is now ready to launch marketing campaigns through SMS and social media with a conservatively projected cost of purchasing customers in the
$ 1.00.

The founder of L-Pesa has invested about $ 500,000 to date. This business was launched in Tanzania in 2016 and in Kenya in August 2017.

Uganda and India are launching as planned. The company's technology is stable, scalable, tested and will support the company's growth plans. At the moment, L-Pesa has fallen into the growth barrier - insufficient funds for lending to all interested, and the potential for the acquisition of users is almost unlimited, but requires capital for marketing costs and staff support. Currently, the company collects funds to take advantage of its
leadership, a strong platform and an almost unlimited opportunity to expand financial opportunities for a large part of the World's population.

I think the project will be widely supported by the community and will be very popular especially in developing countries and will help to raise the standard of living of many people.

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Thanks for the review! An interesting project, you will need to study it in more detail!

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Huge benefit to start using financial services from anywhere in the world

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Thanks for the great information! The project will help many people to improve their financial condition!

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This project can bring real benefits to people in developing countries

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If this business is already started. he's already proven himself.Yes and invested a lot of money in it. The project is good. Thank you for article

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