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Today, charity has become an integral part of our lives, because very often we hear about natural disasters, diseases, wars and famine in underdeveloped countries. The main financial support is provided by funds to which people donate an impressive amount of money trying to help those who are much less fortunate in this life.

The main problem of funds in the opacity of their work, and customers are not notified in what direction are their funds. In most cases, the task of such a Fund is to accept funds, send a small part to charity, and take the rest. To hide such schemes funds forge reports that are very difficult to understand.

This state of affairs reduces trust in such organizations and people give to charity much less, as they lose faith in it.

Every year in the world the number of victims of disasters, diseases or hunger increases. Often, in such situations, people are deprived of loved ones, their breadwinners or even shelter over their heads. They need help.

Due to political and other barriers, the activities of charitable foundations are limited. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, we managed to change many sectors of the economy and improve the quality of life of many people, because it knows no boundaries and is completely transparent, and also helps to be anonymous.

The Pixel Charity project intends to improve charity with the help of blockchain!

As a member of the project, you can Deposit any amount that will be converted to the PXL token with the rate of 1PXL = 1USD and these funds will be placed on a Bank Deposit. All proceeds from the placed Deposit will be transferred to the trust funds. The main difference of this investment is that the user can withdraw funds at any time as the token rate is tied to the us dollar rate.

The main advantage for the investor is that the PXL token rate is stable, but at the same time token holders are charged a part of the fee for the transfer of tokens in the amount of 10%. Keeping funds in the bank gives you all the information about which charities the funds went to. And of course the most important thing is that the price of the token is tied to the us dollar and provided with real money of customers in bank accounts.

The prospects of the project

To implement and promote this idea in the world, the team holds an ICO, during which it was already possible to collect 1.5 million $ and today it is possible to buy a PXL token at a 20% discount. Also a significant advantage is the already released beta version of the Pixel Charity platform and strategic partnerships with charities. A full-scale launch of the platform is scheduled for January 2019.

Follow the links and make world better use the Pixel Charity!

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