Orvium - the first transparent platform for scientists with copyright protection!


Look around. All the benefits that surround us are the result of scientific progress and the merit of scientists! What is holding back the growth of scientific discoveries and technology and what can help it? Below you will find all the answers!

I remember the times when I just graduated from the University, my head was full of knowledge, and in my eyes was a thirst for discovery because I was very well studied and I liked to comprehend the Foundation of science. Full of enthusiasm and empty pockets, I went to graduate school to start scientific work, conduct experiments, write research articles and possibly make scientific discoveries.

I have already chosen the topic of scientific work, conducted several experiments and have already written my first article. It's time to publish it, I sent it to 6 editions and began a long period of waiting. After a month 1 edition I still gave a positive answer about the publication, but it will cost about 3 thousand dollars.

Of course I didn't have that kind of money and I didn't publish my work. But even more frustrating was when a week after the answer I found in the network only published an identical article on behalf of another author. Of course, all my questions were not answered by the publication, and the copyright went to another person.

After talking with colleagues from other countries, I realized that scientists from all over the world face such difficulties. Despite all my enthusiasm and zeal, I was out of science forever, because I had to feed my family.

There are thousands of scientists in the world who have brilliant ideas and potential to make this world better, cure incurable diseases, discover new planets to live on or create a flying car. But most of them will remain unrealized due to lack of funding, copyright theft and other obstacles.

Technologies do not stand still and today the problems of scientists can be solved by the Orvium platform, which opens up great prospects for self-realization!


The project team is well aware that the existing scheme has many problems and slows down the development of science and technology so they create the Orvium platform. Its goal is to become a single global independent register of all scientific publications with copyright protection and the ability to manage them.

The project is built on blockchain technology, solves many acute problems in publications and gives a number of advantages to the authors:

1. Unified decentralized database of publications with permanent access;
2. Instant publication of your articles without long and painful checks that last from 1 to 2 months;
3. You can edit the article and keep the entire history of changes;
4. Significant savings on its publication(you do not need to pay 3-5 thousand dollars for the publication);
5. Ability to rent, buy and sell copyrights;
6. Get reviews of your work from around the world quickly;
7. No one can steal the copyright, they belong only to you;
8. Destroy the narrow circle of publishers that control the industry and dictate their terms.

Conclusions and future of the project

The project Orvium solves a pressing problem with the sphere publication of intellectual property and copyright protection. I am sure that after the launch of such a platform, many scientists will be able to give the world more discoveries and create new benefits. Authors of promising ideas will find it much easier to find investors for further research and development.

Follow the links and make your contribution to the development of the first open and transparent scientific platform!


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