Opiria & PDATA will allow you to sell your user data for cryptocurrency!


The demand for consumer personal data is very high. Companies pay huge amounts to get an idea of consumer preferences. Personal data of consumers help to improve the quality of products and, as a result, increase profits. In fact, all free resources, such as search engines, social networks or online stores, collect this information and sell it to companies, but users do not get a penny.

At the same time, online platforms act as intermediaries between users and companies, as a result of which companies are forced to pay an unfairly high price for consumer data.

The Opiria team has created a blockchain-based platform with its own ecosystem and PDATA tokens in order to change the current situation. The Opiria platform is a decentralized marketplace and provides users with the ability to sell their consumer data to companies directly, eliminating the cost of buying these data through intermediaries.

Opiria will protect consumers ' personal data


Opiria has a ready-made platform for sharing personal data and works with major Fortune 500 customers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Intel, General Motors and others. The platform allows users to sell consumer data to companies for Fiat currencies without any intermediaries. Now the company plans to introduce blockchain to accelerate development in the global market and attract millions of new users.

The benefits of the project

  1. Companies will receive better information about user behavior, which is more consistent and transparent thanks to the blockchain;
  2. The Opiria platform will allow users to manage the privacy of their data and decide for themselves what information to transfer to companies, and what is not. Users can provide location information, their finances and health data, and have full control over the data transfer process;
  3. All functions are implemented in a simple and convenient application, where users will receive requests from companies, take surveys and earn tokens;

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PDATA token economy

PDATA tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain and act as the main currency of the decentralized platform. Tokens allow companies to buy users ' personal data and pay for surveys. Users will receive PDATA tokens for the information provided and for participating in surveys from companies. Also, by holding tokens, users will increase the likelihood that companies will contact them to buy their personal information.

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ICO details

A total of 750 million tokens were issued, 60% of which are planned to be sold during the ICO. Token sale will start on June 15 and will last until July 14, 2018. Hardcap set at $30 million for ICO investors will be able to purchase tokens for ETH, BTC and XRP at the price of 0.1 USD. There is also a bonus program for early investors: on the first day of sales, the bonus amount will be 15% and will decrease by 1% daily. To participate in the ICO, you need to join Whitelist.


Opiria company has a ready-made product in demand on the market, so it will be able to launch the blockchain platform in a short period of time. Benefits for companies and users will allow Opiria to compete with large sites and provide great benefits. The project has excellent prospects for development. Experts and leaders of world-renowned companies note the need to control data privacy and transparency for companies.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Opiria & PDATA?

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