Omnity - smart database of current knowledge on the blockchain!

Surely each of you has faced such a problem when you urgently need to find any specialized information, but GOOGLE search results do not have the information you need. Then it is necessary to shovel less fast sources of information, such as reference books and other literature on the topic.

Recently also information on YouTube, where people post their solution to many problems, but again to find a solution to your question is often very difficult if not impossible. With the advent of blockchain technology, there is a chance that this situation may change in the near future.

And OMNITY is the project that is going to change this situation.

Omnity is a new decentralized platform built on the blockchain, which aims to combine the data of a large number of documents that can not be found in a conventional search engine.

It will record data on all areas of activity, whether it is ordinary articles for people, research papers or documents on business development. Omnity will analyze each query, collecting ideas, taking into account the semantic core of the query, the release date of an article, and other important factors.

If, for example, a notary or a legal entity needs to know about any bill, the system will be able to find for you the original of such a document on the network and allow you to read it. Also there you will see footnotes and comments of various people who will be able to expand your idea of the document. In this case a clarification of any law by the authorities.

How would that work?

The internal structure of OMNITY will be based on a neural network, which will identify different dependencies between requests and responses of users in similar and not very topics. The platform will constantly self-study by analyzing each document and drawing conclusions based on the article or work. These publications and extracts from them will be stored on the platform on demand by other users so that each subsequent user can get the necessary information faster than the previous one.

Distributed Storage Network (DSN) is the main network of the platform that will serve for storing, updating, and searching new articles and publications on various topics. For example, you have found a way to quickly fix a complex car breakdown without the need to contact the service. You can write an article about it and put a copy of it in OMNITY, the system will draw conclusions from the article and users will be able to read it in full, and to subtract short conclusions without excess water.

This network will contain very useful tools and functions.

  1. The first useful tool that I would like to tell you about is Storage Monitor. This is a tool that will track the relevance of certain articles and publications. This will allow each user to have fresh and relevant information about the issues that interest him.
  2. The second useful application is File Handler. It will allow users to store and retrieve the required files and to apply for use of the document by the owner. That is, when you load a document into the system it will be given a unique identification number, which then this document can be easily found.
  3. The third will be a tool to recover damaged or lost files. it will be called the Data Recovery Agent.

There will also be available some other applications and services, which you can find on the project website.


In general, the project will focus on solving the problems of business and government agencies. These structures work with a lot of data on a daily basis, and it is this project that can help them in their work. Moreover, everyone can try it in a limited way - there is a free version for review.

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