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MobileBridge Momentum Platform - marketing 2.0!


We all make purchases every day and use different services. Currently, the market is oversupplied, so buyers choose what they want. There are many different brands in the world and if we compare products in the same price category, they will be of the same quality, with a similar set of functions. Therefore, in order to survive the company in fierce competition, the main role in sales is played by marketing.

"With no change in product or service, price or distribution method, any strategy will be a meaningless stream of words" - Jack Trout, founder of marketing.

These words were said in the 1980s. Since then, the world has changed, and with it, and marketing tools and sales strategies. At the moment, the only method by which it is possible to increase sales is a way to distribute your advertising and methods of influence on the target audience and regular customers. In modern business, it is very important not only to find new customers, but also to keep the old ones, only through this approach business develops.

One of the new marketing tools is loyalty programs: creation of accumulative cards and various bonuses. But as practice shows, most of the bonuses are lost and not used. Customers do not have sufficient understanding of value and applicability. According to statistics, only in North America in the year is not used such bonuses of 100 billion $ .

The next problem with existing marketing is the lack of personalized advertising. The company does not know its client and often it leads to spam and of course wasted money on advertising and dissatisfied customers.

I recently learned about an interesting project MobileBridge Momentum, which I am sure will revolutionize marketing!

The project developers have created a platform where companies can reward their customers with cryptocurrency in exchange for their attention, purchases, brand advertising, while providing users with full protection and control over their data. The platform is fully automated and works on blockchain technology, which will give the full safety of the accumulated points.

With such a platform, any seller can launch their brand tokens, build their own loyalty program for customers and reward them for any actions. These tokens clients can use as a discount, in exchange for tokens of a different brand, give, or exchange for Momentum Token and to sell. This approach completely changes the relationship with customers giving them real value.

To do this, MobileBridge is developing a convenient mobile application with a single wallet in which it will be convenient to store the cryptocurrency and exchange them between different loyalty programs.

The leaders of the company MobileBridge Momentum are the team of the rating advertising campaign Mobile Bridge, which has long been successfully cooperating with corporations such as Bilka, Burger King and Volkswagen.

At the moment, some companies have implemented the platform in their business and are getting great results:



The Mobile Bridge platform will develop systematically due to the constant increase in demand for its Momentum token, which will grow in price. Loyalty programs and passive income will contribute to the constant influx of new users. I am sure that such an experienced team will be able to fully realize all the goals of the project and start a real revolution of digital marketing of the new generation. And the companies that will be the first to introduce the platform into their business will become market leaders or increase their competitiveness and will make the Foundation of the long-term perspective.

Friends, if you like the article and the idea of the project, I would be grateful if you would support it with your voice and expressed your opinion on this project!

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Thanks for the review! I'll wait for the next one!

18.05.2018 17:51

An interesting idea, I read their documents

18.05.2018 20:04

You are right very tired of spam, and now will be useful advertising

25.05.2018 19:52

Wow! It's a viral marketing idea

19.05.2018 20:23

A good investment in a long time!

20.05.2018 07:05

An interesting project with a long-term perspective

22.05.2018 22:12