MEDIA Protocol - A new era of digital content with benefits for everyone!

The existing model of the advertising market is centralized, has its drawbacks and therefore no longer meets the needs of modern users!

At the time of formation of the Internet advertising market centralization has played an important role in changing the concept from advertising in paper Newspapers and magazines to advertising on the Internet. Large corporations have promoted this idea and it was gladly picked up by the entire world community, because it was convenient and gave a lot of opportunities for publishers.

At that time, Google, Facebook and Instagram created excellent platforms for content promotion. But with the growing competition of advertisers and the development of new technologies, several problems have emerged:

  •  content creators and advertising customers are paying more and more to have their ads higher in the search bar;
  •  all content that is shown to consumers is controlled by several companies;
  •  consumers are overloaded with information that is often of poor quality and do not get anything in return;
  •  the main profit from promotion goes to advertising platforms-intermediaries.

Today, blockchain has changed many sectors of the economy with its innovative technology, and the time has come for digital content.

MEDIA Protocol will make the marketing and advertising industry not only decentralized and increase their efficiency, it intends to change the concept that will encourage users.

The project sets an ambitious goal to change the system of digital content through a model of incentives. Through the use of blockchain, all relationships between creators, consumers and platforms will be transparent, safe and without intermediaries.

How it works?

All content creators that interact with the MEDIA Protocol before it is placed assign a certain number of tokens to the URL. As I said, consumers will be rewarded for any interaction with the content (it can be an article, an audio podcast, a picture or any video). You can earn tokens for likes, comments, or even for sharing a post or even a piece of it with your friends.

Such a system will allow publishers to get more real audience and increase live interaction with content. The platform can be used by individuals, bloggers and large brands, and all interactions will be recorded in the blockchain. The creators get much better data and get rid of bots and scammers, because each user is a separate wallet with tokens.

All earned tokens can be spent on the purchase of exclusive paid content in the ecosystem or exchanged for another cryptocurrency.

Platforms that host content will also receive tokens. Their reward will depend on the number of users who will like, comment and share this record.

What has been done and the prospects?

Today, the test mobile application CryptoCatnip based on MEDIA Protocol has already been launched.  In it you can read and share the latest news of the cryptocurrency world and earn test tokens. This is just a demo. With open source, any developer can create their own unique application.

The team has set itself very ambitious goals and the success of the project will depend on the degree of their implementation, because its basis is a new system of incentives.

Download CryptoCatnip app and leave your opinion about MEDIA Protocol!

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This new approach to advertising and marketing is very different from everything that exists today, I think it will be in demand and many like me will appreciate its advantage

07.07.2018 10:50

I'm glad that you liked my article and what I'm writing. I agree with you that the system of incentives for each party will make the overall system better and more transparent)

07.07.2018 10:52

If I understood correctly, this platform will be something in between blogger platforms like Golos and Steamit and will also have features to promote on cryptocurrency. Hmm, I think it will be very interesting, I download the application to try

07.07.2018 14:20

The developers have come up with a uniquely mutually beneficial advertising scheme, I wish them success

07.07.2018 19:59

Very interesting article, always read with pleasure. You always describe interesting projects

08.07.2018 12:32

Подписался на вас, надеюсь на взаимность :)

09.07.2018 06:01

Decentralization is everywhere) Google should think about it))

12.07.2018 00:45