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Transportation of goods or any other cargo by shipping is a relevant and profitable industry. However, the risks here are, of course, great – for all interested parties. To make this area transparent and reduce material costs in this area, the Danish organization Blockshipping releases the project Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) on the market using blockchain and thus intends to change shipping logistics! How they are going to do it – read below.

What exactly do they want to do?

The team focuses on the most common containers (multimodal), which share in sea transportation is 60% of all transported goods through the sea. The idea Blockshipping lies in the fact that such containers make in a single global registry at the same time in each of them to equip the chip. This approach will greatly simplify the entire transportation chain. The distributed registry technology opens up huge opportunities for transformation, so they called their project GSCP – global. After all, thanks to the universal platform, it will be possible not only to track the direction of the transported containers in real time, but also to make payments for related operations related to cargo transportation, internal cryptocurrency.

The idea is very simple, and most importantly necessary!


Some facts about the team

It should be noted that the team is headed by "mother wolf" in logistics – Peter Ludwigsen, who has more than 40 years of experience in the transport business, of which he worked more time in the best national container shipping company Maersk. Therefore, to question the "narrow-mindedness" of the project clearly does not have. All members of the project team are carefully selected and have extensive experience and deep knowledge in logistics. Of course, having so many experts in the same team, they decided to offer the world a truly worthwhile and interesting project.


The idea of the project is based on several economic indicators, including the reduction of logistics costs to 5.7 billion $ per year. In addition, the introduction of such a project will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 4.6 million tons per year. As you can see, not only investors and logistics companies will benefit, but also the planet as a whole.


For realization of such global ideas team Block shipping decided to launch ICO. The raised funds will be used for the development and further promotion of the project, and investors will be able to increase their investments.


ICO details

Selling tokens Blockshipping started on 14th may 2018 campaign, which was planned to be completed by June 14. But the sale is still going on. You need to collect $24 800 000 USD.


GSCP has a serious global support in the form of the Danish Maritime Fund, and provided that the necessary amount for the project has not yet been collected, it already at this stage has a large investment from private investors.

If we talk about the interest for crypto investors, two types of tokens are issued for GSCP on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. The internal token is a Container platform Token (CPT), which will be used as the internal currency between the platform participants and payment of transaction fees, and the external dividend token – Container Crypto Coin (CCC), which will be issued to investors after the ICO. 1 CCC = 0,62 USD. The minimum amount to enter the auction is 100 USD.


Conclusions and prospects of the project

Among the many projects that appear every day and do not have a real plan to implement them in life, the GSCP project stands out against their background having developed and thought-out strategy. The project solves a real problem, helps to save billions of dollars a year and will benefit the environment. And investors will receive 20% of the profits of the entire platform, which is a good indicator. Block shipping company has a strong team and solid support – at the state level. Therefore, there is no doubt that the project has a life. And not far off is the time when shipping logistics will become even faster and safer for business partners who will be able to pay with the same currency for all stages of cargo transportation.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Blockshipping?

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It is so good that blockchain projects such as Blockshipping are thinking about ecology. Wish them best luck.

29.06.2018 11:35

Cargo shipping will become more safe with this project. That will lead to less final price for customers.

29.06.2018 12:04

It is good idea to buy tokens of Blockshipping now

29.06.2018 13:39

Now we see how blockchain and cryptocurrency is introducins into big business. We live in interesting times)

30.06.2018 17:39

Great project for everyone and interesting article. Thank you!

01.07.2018 11:07

I like this idea and hope they will do everything that they say.

02.07.2018 10:13

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