FLOGmall project overview!

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What is the idea of the project?

It consists in creating an electronic trading platform where any user can buy and sell services and goods while paying with cryptocurrency. Agree that many are ready to conduct trading operations without Fiat money or attachment to them.

The main goal is to use cryptocurrency as a payment bypassing exchangers, which will save on commissions. FLOGmall also wants to bring buyers and sellers to direct trade, thus freeing them from intermediaries and wholesalers between them, which in turn will lead to lower prices for goods and services.

What is special?

Livescore-live shop. FLOGmall keeps up with the times and creates not just a trading platform, but a place where the buyer and the seller can see each other. Using a live store, the seller will be able to show how the product is produced or stored, as well as to acquaint the buyer with the basic functions of the product.
Using video messages seller can easily make himself advertising your product or store.
Another feature of the project is that it will be possible to pay not with one specific cryptocurrency, but as the developers say, they plan to accept more than 1800 different altcoins for payment.

Ratings of project

Icobench.com – 4.3. the three experts. The fact that the project is present on such a large platform is a good indicator.
Iicobazaar.com -FLOGmall Project is presented on this service, but at the moment the evaluation is not exposed.
Icoholder.com and trackico.io here you can find information about FLOGmall, but there are no ratings from experts yet. It is possible that in the near future there will be estimates on these services. We'll wait.

Some facts about the team

The FLOGmall project team is open and happy to tell you on their YouTube channel about the latest developments and future plans for the development of the company. The team also plans to launch a permanent broadcast of the work in their office. And on their website you can find all the team members and their social media profiles. The vote of confidence in the project and his intentions are good.

FLOGmall project team from Russia. They already have experience with trading platforms. One of the team members Alexander Zalogin is one of the founders of the famous online store Topzakaz. The founder of the FLOGmall project Alexey Khairutdinov can boast of being a respected expert and speaker in the field of commodity business in Russia. The ranks of employees are constantly replenished with new talented crypto enthusiasts.


According to the team's official launch FLOGmall plan after the sale of tokens.
Today Soft cap of $ 5 000 000 $ have been collected in total we collected over 14 000 000 $.
The project itself is interesting and likely to be in demand, because trade has existed for a long time and will exist for a long time. And those ideas that want to implement the developers of FLOGmall will give the process of buying and selling a sense of presence, regardless of the distance between the buyer and the seller.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about FLOGmall?


For those who are interested in the project spread links to official sources:

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отличная статья) я тоже участвую в баунти ICO, пишу обзоры на классные проекты, подписался на тебя и ты подпишись на меня тоже) всегда рад новым знакомствам)

25.06.2018 21:45

Pay for goods anywhere in the world is cool, especially not need to exchange it before

26.06.2018 20:20

In пeneral, I liked the idea when you run the project, I myself will buy something with it

27.06.2018 09:16

Another online store where you can pay with cryptocurrency, but this can be almost any and it makes it very convenient

27.06.2018 14:10

The idea of creating a live store with a video of how the product is produced is very interesting, it will cause more confidence in buyers

29.06.2018 20:30