Fair Ninja a new global and secure marketplace P2P protected by smart contracts!

In recent years, many people are moving into the sphere of online trading. You just need to have a quality product and competitive price, place your offer, run advertising and set up a landing page on your website. E-Commerce has no boundaries, you can work with the whole world.

E-Commerce brings billions of dollars in taxes to the state budget every year and is a fairly serious sector of the economy in countries with low economic indicators and in countries with high economic development. You don't have to pay rent and many different fees. All you need is to pay a small cost for permission to conduct such activities. Thus work in this area can be a beginner with a small range of goods and large corporations.

The main methods of payment in such online stores are credit cards of such world-famous brands as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Each time you make or accept a regular payment, you are not insured from blocking your payment by the Bank until clarification.

Many users now make purchases exclusively through the Internet. Now there is no need to go to shops and compare prices and characteristics of goods. All you need is just to go to the website of the store, choose the product and pay for it. Therefore, this area is gaining huge popularity due to its simplicity and accessibility for the average person. But not everything is so simple and there are a number of shortcomings and risks:

  1. Presence of fraudulent websites on the Internet;
  2. Chargebacks that can take weeks;
  3. And of course the high fees that hold the banks and payment systems.

FairNinja project can increase confidence in e-Commerce and remove existing shortcomings!

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The main idea of FairNinja is to create a global decentralized platform protocol to pay for purchases of goods and services "from person to person" with the help of intelligent contracts that eliminates fraud and ensures compliance with the conditions. Now people will be able to safely and without various difficulties to sell each other products without intermediaries and pay large fees.

What problems will this project solve?

By creating such a project, the team solves a number of significant problems in the trade directly between people:

1. The platform completely removes the territorial and financial boundaries, now you can sell the goods to any person who is anywhere in the world and not to pay large fees when converting currency;
2. Safe trading, all participants of the transaction are protected by smart contacts and are confident that the transaction will be made to the end or not happen at all;
3. No taxes, because all transactions occur in bitcoin through the site FairNinja.

What advantages will Fair Ninja give to its users?

1. All user data is protected by blockchain and can't be opened to third parties;
2. Buy and sell in a few clicks, you simply agree on the price, the rest will provide smart contracts;
3. Low fees, only 1.5%;
4. Pay your purchase in your usual bitcoin ETH, BTC, LTC or tokens platform YoshiCoin;
5. Loyalty program when paying with YoshiCoin tokens, you will receive the maximum discounts on the platform;
6. Multilingual technical support will answer all your questions 24/7 and provide you with quality service;
7. Built-in site translator adapts the interface to any language of the world, you just have to choose.

Conclusions and Outlook

Prospects for the development of the project are huge, because the team intends to create the largest decentralized platform for p2p trade because every day millions of units of goods are bought and sold from the world. The success of the project largely depends on the speed and quality of implementation of the goals and thoughtful marketing. With the full implementation of the project, the world will have a simple and safe solution to urgent problems.

Sign up today on Fair Ninja and become part of a new global and secure marketplace P2P!

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