Do you make money on your personal data?

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Today, the speed of technology development is both a large number of opportunities for business and at the same time increased risks. We have reached such a level that even a schoolboy can create his own online store. Every day there are dozens of new companies and thousands of different products and the time has come when the supply on the market significantly exceeds the demand. This situation has greatly tightened the competitive environment.

As the saying goes survival of the fittest!

This situation forces companies to spend more and more money on marketing research to get to know their customers better and build the right strategy for interaction with them. Real customer data is the most valuable product that companies are willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain a competitive advantage.

The one who owns customer data will always be one step ahead!

The huge demand for user data has led to many scams that illegally collect any information about customers and then sell it for millions of dollars to companies. To collect really high-quality information in this way is not possible, so the company is working with what is. They think they know the customer, but 70% of their investments in innovative products fail, totaling more than 12 billion $ per year.

In addition, customers themselves become more aware of the fact that their data is collected and do not specifically provide data or provide false data to protect their privacy.

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Opiria will forever change the paradigm of the user data market with a platform that directly connects companies and consumers!

Today, Opiria is not just an idea, It is a working business and one of the leading companies in the world to provide data about users, working 24/7. Its main tools are the web application and the Opiria mobile application. Among its customers are companies from the Fortune 500 such as Mercedes-Benz, Intel, Procter & Gamble and many others.

The team plays big and is aimed at a market of 2 billion people who own smartphones and have the opportunity to make reviews and take surveys online.

How would that work?

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The Opiria platform will run on the Ethereum blockchain and anyone can create a personal profile and start sharing their personal data with companies. This can be done by the method of surveys on the smartphone, installed plug-in in the browser or data taken from smart devices. The more information a user shares, the more valuable his profile and higher rating in the system. If the company needs certain data, that it makes a request to the Opiria platform, and it sends it to the user and if the client agrees, then a smart contract is formed between him and the company. Thus, the client will receive PDATA tokens, and the company will receive reliable and accurate information.

What benefits will users receive?

  1. Consumers can control which company and which data they open;
  2. Each user will receive a generous reward for the data provided in PDATA tokens which can be easily exchanged for real money;
  3. Users interact directly with companies without any intermediaries;
  4. Full control and protection of your data.

Why will it be profitable for companies to work with Opiria?

  1. More complete and accurate data directly from the client by sending him a request;
  2. Access to specific user data that was previously impossible to obtain;
  3. Less risk when investing in new product development due to better and more accurate data;
  4. Saving on marketing costs through targeted advertising.

This approach will encourage users to provide more accurate and complete data while making money. In this case, both sides will win. Users who have PDATA tokens are more likely to receive a request from the company.

Prospect of development

In contrast to the majority of ICO, which just sell ideas, Opiria already has a working product with real customers. Already in September 2018, the team will develop the Opiria 2.0 platform, which will monitor the behavior of the eyes and analyze human emotions during web surfing, computer games, site visits and views of commercials. Also, the platform will be able to receive data from any smart devices of clients by their consent. This implementation will give more data and ideas to companies, allow them to guess customers ' expectations and implement them in new products. In December 2018, the MVP will be released, and the launch of the platform is scheduled for March 2019.

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Experts estimate the data market at 250 billion $ per year and its volume is growing every year. Opiria intends to become the largest decentralized personal data trading platform. The PDATA token will constantly grow in price due to the increased demand for data from companies and the motivation system of token storage by users. Opiria is the only fully secure, legal and transparent blockchain platform for the exchange of personal data, which fully complies with the requirements and principles of the GDPR. With such a number of advantages, this company has every chance to become a leader in the market of personal data.

Download the Opiria app and become part of the revolution today!

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Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Opiria?

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If the platform will really save up to 95% of the funds, it will receive a explosive growth of companies that will use its services, I will follow the updates

03.07.2018 17:24

I had a feeling that this platform is more for companies than for users. What do you think?

04.07.2018 18:56

Mercedes and Intel sound promising, I think the tokens will have a good growth

05.07.2018 07:56

The team definitely has good marketers, I think many investors will be interested in just storing tokens

07.07.2018 00:52

Passive income will be of interest to everyone, especially if before all just gave their data for free

07.07.2018 13:21

Согласен с автором,@alekseybulko !Согласен с автором,@alekseybulko !

27.07.2018 18:51