DAV! Transport network and blockchain – found each other!


As far as mankind remembers itself, it has always strived for one thing – to improve the conditions of existence on the planet. Currently, the whole world "stands" in traffic jams. And the time will come when the world will move to an automatic transport management system completely. So the transition is still slow, but has already begun. In parallel with this transition, in January 2017, a serious and most relevant project appeared on the crypto market - DAV Network (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles). If the authoritative Forbes noted it, it speaks about very significant prospects.

Surely you wondered what would happen if every resident of the planet will buy a car?

The roadway is not enough for sure. Even additional overpasses can not be saved. What can? Developers of the innovative project DAV Network (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle), it seems, found a "lifeline" for all mankind. And the project has already attracted major partners and investors. In particular, Google, NASA, IBM, General Motors, Ford. In short, the project is particularly interesting for people of "global level".


What is the plan of the developers to radically improve the life of mankind, using the blockchain platform?

World companies (Tesla, Google) are already developing and creating Autonomous vehicles (AV). But DAV Network developers went even further: "Why not create decentralized AV on blockchain technology?!"This is a really coming, though long in the time perspective, the future. What is the "salt" of their innovative project?


What will it look like in life?

You need to go downtown:

  • with your smartphone, you call a taxi-after your order has been accepted – the nearest unmanned car drives up to you – with you through the blockchain system, a smart contract is automatically concluded-after arriving at the destination, having fulfilled all the conditions of the smart contract – from your crypto-wallet, funds are debited to the virtual taxi wallet;
    • after completing the order (if there are no others), the taxi goes to the nearest Parking lot – pays from its wallet – and stands there, waiting for the next order.

You are in the center of the city of millionaires, narrow streets, you urgently need to transfer the documents to the other end of the city:

  • with your smartphone, you call the nearest drone – and pass it documents - it delivers them to the destination-also through the system of smart contracts;
  • returning back, he flies to the nearest charging station-pays from his wallet-and charges.


Of course, all virtual money transactions will be carried out through the project token – DAV.

That is, the team is focused on creating a global transport ecosystem that will solve the current problems of the vehicle: from traffic jams to increased growth in the number of car owners. It consists of a very "star" person: a former technical Director of General Motors, NASA astronaut, Ethereum blockchain programmers, Internet infrastructure advisers - the founder of Equinix and co-founder of the Bancor project. With the available unmanned transport, there will be no need to buy a car. However, it is obvious that the project is long-term and requires a systematic approach from the developers.


But judging by their weekly reports on YouTube channel that they made how pass tests with drones-"to blow up" the public they intend, at least. Many reputable business magazines covered this project.


ICO details

DAV Network is definitely a promising project that has no analogues in the crypto market. He has a serious team and a solid marketing strategy. Plus a pretty high rating - 4.5 out of 5. And global support for the world's leading corporations.



The start of token project sales began on April 30 and will last until June 25. The coin works on the Ethereum platform. The minimum entry threshold is 0.2 ETH, where 1 ETH = 10,000 DAV tokens.

Conclusions and prospects

DAV Network through tokens will stimulate the creation of the entire infrastructure of the AV: from AV manufacturers to repair services and insurers. In short, the project will also expand the possibility of additional financial sources for the business industry in the transport sector. Staff and delivery costs will be reduced. Not to mention that with the implementation of the project in life the level of exhaust gases with a decrease in the flow of cars will significantly decrease, roads will be unloaded, the transport network will become even easier, more accessible and safer.

It is justified that the project attracts attention and attracts interest from investors. All of this is only more likely to cause the necessary capitalization. So slow but true steps, DAV Network brings us closer to a smart future.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about DAV Network?


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I like this idea. Hope they succeed.

25.06.2018 17:00

The main thing - those technologies should be safe for people. For that reason we should be very careful while implementing AV everywhere.

25.06.2018 20:05

I like that all those machines are electric. This is good for ecology.

25.06.2018 21:31

The future has come)

26.06.2018 05:17

Nice project. Such AV already exist and they just need a system like DAV Network.

26.06.2018 09:31

Not bad. Pizza delivery by drones, like in one fresh movie by Spielberg!

26.06.2018 19:46

Is it real existing company? Sound like fantasy!)

07.07.2018 16:27

@alekseybulko , тебя интересно читать!@alekseybulko , тебя интересно читать!

22.07.2018 21:20