DAV creates a new world of autonomous transport!


The transport industry has always been considered one of the main directions of the economy. Its services are needed as large enterprises wishing to deliver products to another country and small businesses making delivery in the city. In today's world, manufacturers, private businesses and customers are not looking for each other - this function is well performed by logistics companies, of which hundreds of thousands around the world. Because of the intermediaries, the prices for services are much higher from their real cost as it is necessary to pay salaries to staff and bear the cost of office maintenance.

Such a scheme of work is beneficial to companies intermediaries. But technology is changing the world!

In recent years, the delivery paradigm has started to change and in our life there is such a thing as unmanned vehicles, aircraft and drones, which are already taking the first steps in the field of unmanned delivery of small goods. In the next few years, the sphere of transportation will change greatly. Digital technologies make their contribution and the process of organization of delivery, communication between vehicles will be direct, without human intervention, thanks to a single information base to which will have access to each Autonomous transport. Many analysts agree in opinion that it will be able to significantly increase the efficiency of transportation and make them more effective.

The idea of making transport unmanned is not new, in recent years, active development in this area and the largest information companies Google and Uber are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the creation of such technologies. They have achieved some success in this, but they have a significant drawback - it is their centrality. Imagine for a moment how terrible the consequences can be when you temporarily disable the server due to a failure such as Google.

The team of developers of the DAV Network startup creates a decentralized system for global transport services!


Such a scheme of work will completely eliminate intermediaries in this area and will unite customers and clients on one platform. The platform is built using distributed registry technology on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, all documents and data for analysis are in one single ecosystem, which saves money. Each vehicle will have its own real rating and open statistics, which can not be faked.

How would that work?

All users of the DAV Network platform will have access to a single database, where customers, drivers and unmanned vehicles will be able to communicate directly and exclude intermediaries from this chain. Thanks to this, all participants will only benefit: the customer will pay less for the services, and the contractor will receive more because now there will be no logistics companies.

Communication will be provided through smart contracts, as well as blockchain will protect all user data and transaction security. All mutual settlements on the platform will be made using the DAV platform token.

Thanks to a single information base, unmanned vehicles will be able to optimize their route and thereby increase their efficiency.

At the moment, the team has a working protocol for the interaction of unmanned aerial vehicles. On the basis of it will be debugged all the relationships between vehicles and will be able to test the network of direct interaction.

Conclusions, prospects and my opinion about the project

The DAV Network project and its team intend to change the transport infrastructure thanks to its automation and a new more advanced scheme of interaction where users will be able to choose only the most reliable carriers. The project has a very strong team consisting of professionals from companies with a world name such as General Motors, Ford, IBM, Cisco, Ethereum, Bancor and even NASA. I think the project is promising with long-term development prospects.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about DAV Network?

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Круто! Спасибо!

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I wonder when there will be fully Autonomous taxi?

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Logistics companies need to look for new methods of earning

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Very rarely you can find such cool projects

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I liked the project, rather it would have started to implement massively

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Really useful project, because it will save billions of dollars by removing intermediaries

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What will happen to the logistics companies?

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