DataBrokerDAO - the first decentralized market IoT!


Our world and everything around us is changing every year. And along with this approach to earnings. All that used to be just thoughts, today is reality. We are used to that only a person and his actions can generate income. Just a few years ago, the Internet of things began to develop rapidly - this is when your household appliances, electronics and even your smartphone exchanging data that they receive from their sensors can generate passive income.

Nowadays, all decisions are made on the basis of data and every year the need for quality data increases. According to experts, the sensor market will reach 1.2 trillion dollars by 2019. Companies and government organizations are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in sensors that don't generate revenue, just information, making it very expensive for a retail consumer or a small private company.

Unfortunately, the Internet of things is just beginning to develop, it is divided and does not have a single market for collecting and exchanging information.

I recently got acquainted with the project DataBrokerDAO, which is going to unite the Internet of things in the global world platform and will give everyone the opportunity to monetize data!

DataBrokerDAO - the first decentralized market IoT.

The platform connects data providers and customers directly. Sellers monetize their data in this way, and buyers acquire valuable information to optimize a variety of processes in their business or research. This opens up many opportunities in various industries. The use of data can greatly enhance their value. The platform works on blockchain technology with the help of smart contracts.


The project solves the main problem of the industry-the creation of a global data market. With its help, data providers will significantly reduce the cost of sensors, as they will be able to make a profit. Such an approach will ensure competition of suppliers in the world market and reduce the cost of data.

Areas of application, advantages and prospects.

1. The owners of the sensors will be able to get up to 80% of all tokens DTX from the sale of data;
2. Network operators will be able to earn 10% of each transaction - this will give an incentive to expand the platform and turn it into a global market for the Internet of things, the remaining 10% will go to the development team and the development of the platform;
3. Agriculture, which invests heavily in sensors to measure weather conditions will be able to partially compensate for the costs;
4. Research organizations will have access to cheaper and more accurate data;
5. City-wide projects that depend on data can significantly reduce sensor costs.

At the moment, everyone can already try out the beta version of the platform on the project website: and to evaluate all its advantages. Already in mid-2018, the developers will make the release of a fully working network.


I can conclude that the DataBrokerDAO project intends to really solve all the problems of the industry and to integrate the developing sphere of the Internet of things into our daily life, making it more accessible to users. You can still take part in the sale of DTX tokens, and before that I recommend to read the website and the documents of the project.

Friends, if you like the article and the idea of the project, I would be grateful if you would support it with your voice and expressed your opinion on this project!

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Thanks for the review. The idea is really cool! I think the project is promising

19.05.2018 16:25

Technology does not stand still and even household appliances can now make a profit. I will read their documents and buy tokens, the idea promising.

19.05.2018 20:27

I first learned about the Internet of things. I think now members of the system will be more.

19.05.2018 20:39

I tried the beta version, I liked it. I will take part in the sale! Thanks for the idea.

20.05.2018 07:06

With such a project will be able to earn all participants in the system.

22.05.2018 22:19