CryptoCarz - Racing Blockchain Game With Virtual Reality!

In today's world, there is not a single person who has ever tried to play racing games. The thirst for speed and adrenaline attracts more and more users, and the element of competition with your friends for the right to be a winner even more involved in the game.

The race is played all from early childhood, during the student days, and even adults are happy to remember the taste of victory and get the joy of winning a unique spare part for your sports car. Some gamers spend years in the game to win a cool car with unique characteristics to show off to friends.

And with the development of graphics and the introduction of virtual reality in our lives, the race became so realistic that it is impossible to break away from the game. It's really exciting, but even today it is impossible to exchange won cars for real values.

But don't despair because the arena of games out a new blockchain project using virtual reality CryptoCarz, which will satisfy even the most fastidious rider!

The development team involved players in the creation of CryptoCarz to create a great product that will eliminate the existing shortcomings and gives riders new opportunities and maximum sensations. In this game we managed to combine high-quality graphics, realistic textures and effects and virtual reality, which will help the player to visit the inside of the game, get a lot of impressions and manage your own sports car and be completely safe.

The peculiarity of the game is that all game cars are unique with their own set of characteristics, their release is limited and they can be bought, sold or exchanged for real money. This is achieved through the use of blockchain and car tokenization. Now your gaming car is really yours, because its token will be stored on your cryptocurrency wallet.

It is also interesting that the design of each car will remind players of a certain cryptocurrency, which I think will be very pleasant to crypto-enthusiasts and will attract a lot of users.

To implement this cool idea, the team plans to raise funds and will soon announce the start of sales. The project tokens can be purchased for 18 most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to the interest of gamers there is also an investment interest. For example, after buying a car for 0.2 ETH the next player who wants to buy this car will pay you 0.4 ETH. Such a marketing system allows investors and ordinary players who have bought these tokens to earn money. The project will use tokens of the ERC721 standard.

Conclusions and Outlook

I think CryptoCarz can really be a very interesting game and win the hearts of the riders, and the cutting-edge graphics, virtual reality and the ability to exchange cars - makes this game unique in the gaming industry. All this will help to take a good position in the rankings and attract hundreds of thousands of users from around the world.

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