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Cardstack - create your perfect mobile app!


Hello, my dear friends!

Do you remember what you do when you want to download an app for a task from the App Store or Google Play? We go to the search engine and write the name of the application and we show a lot of applications, then we read the description and see that they are very similar functionality and it is very difficult to choose a specific application.

In a competitive race, software developers include similar or even identical features in their applications to keep their target user audience in check. Because of the many applications and the great competition of similar applications, they have become free. With this approach, the quality of the tasks is reduced, and the developers do not earn almost on them. As a result, the user uses 1-2 functions from one application and then switches to another to complete the task. It is very inconvenient and takes a long time. Also, discomfort brings registration in each application of a new user and the need to leave your personal data.

One of the novelties until recently were cloud services. Paid subscriptions were introduced to compensate for development costs, but for small businesses and large companies, this approach is expensive and inconvenient because of the risks of losing access to employee accounts. With the advent of decentralized applications, their use has become more complicated due to the complexity of paying for each application with its own cryptocurrency.

The Cardstack project can solve the existing problems!

The goal of the project is to develop a platform for applications with the best set of functions. It will integrate many applications for simple tasks, and it is possible to develop such applications in its environment. Your task will be divided into several simple ones and each will be solved by a separate application, and a set of applications will be recommended to the user with the help of artificial intelligence. This approach was called progressive decentralization.

The platform will be fully open source and any developer will be able to create a quality application and even without a high rating will be able to promote it if it is better than competitors.

All software will be paid, but will cost you cheap. All transactions will be carried out using the internal cryptocurrency CARD based on smart contracts.

What are the benefits of Cardstack?

1. Users do not pay for monthly or annual subscriptions, but only pay for the time of use and get high-quality applications on one platform;
2. Developers get paid only when their app is used. They have an incentive to make high-quality applications thanks to competition;
3. Miners receive part of the payment from using the application for providing their computing power.

At this stage, the project is raising funds for the development of a platform to which you can join and receive CARD tokens at a discount.


Cardstack has a truly revolutionary idea in mobile app development and in the near future millions of users will be able to try all the benefits of using it. All users will benefit from the platform.

Friends, if you like the article and the idea of the project, I would be grateful if you would support it with your voice and expressed your opinion on this project!

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Comments 4

I read your review and studied their documents, I think the project is promising

21.05.2018 20:51

Yes, you are right tired of this set of identical applications, so few quality products on the market.

22.05.2018 13:59

I wonder how they implement the platform. If everyone wins, the platform is rapidly gaining popularity.

22.05.2018 23:07

Thanks for the review! Very accessible language written. I will recommend him to my wife as a programmer.

23.05.2018 21:03