Are you a gambling man? What about a fair and transparent platform?

We all like to play, especially for money. For some, even not so important victory, and the feeling of excitement during the game.

Every day in this area comes more and more professionals, beginners and just lovers sometimes have fun. According to statistics, the gambling market is growing by 9%, which is a very impressive figure. This dynamic forces current industry owners to come up with more and more tools to make their customers happy and come back for more.

However, despite the growing public interest, I am sure everyone has been in a losing situation and was almost sure that he was deceived or falsified the results in favor of the casino. It is no secret that huge profits in this area are made in this way and not only the user is guilty because of his inexperience.

Imagine an honest gaming platform that doesn't change the results in your favor! WinStars is the solution!

WinStars platform which brings together a variety of gambling games established on blockchain technology. This is what smart contracts can create a reputation of an honest casino, without outside interference.

Let's understand all its advantages:

  1. Anyone will be able to view the profit distribution algorithms, as the platform is open source;
  2. Smart contracts provide confidence that you will be paid your money, as there are no intermediaries;
  3. The use of the blockchain makes all transactions secure, transparent and improves the credibility of a platform;
  4. The platform gives you the opportunity to earn on the platform in 4 different ways, which was not previously possible.

The introduction of blockchain makes WinStars a more reliable platform than competitors, improves the fairness of profit distribution and significantly increases the trust of players.

How will the internal economy be built?

1. Earnings from the game on the platform;

2. Referral program for depositors will provide bonuses from 2 to 5% of the investment;

3. There is a system of levels for platform partners with bonuses from 1 to 6%;

4. Token holders will be able to profit from the growth of the token rate, and they will receive 15% of the profits from the platform.

All operations on the platform will be performed using WINS tokens.


The introduction of blockchain technology in this area will definitely give a large influx of new users, because all operations will be transparent and the most important results will be honest. The whole scheme of the platform can be viewed thanks to the open source code that inspires great confidence in the project.

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