Arcona - augmented reality in the real world!


At all times, owning land was considered prestigious and profitable, and the more it was a person, the more it was respected and the more opportunities it could be implemented in this territory. Only very rich people could afford to buy a plot of land. After the abolition of slavery everyone wanted to have their own territory.

Unfortunately every year free for sale land plots become less and less, because it is bought by construction companies, large corporations and factories to expand their business. Land has become a full-fledged investment tool, the price of which is constantly growing as the supply is limited.

Technology does not stand still and today it is possible to purchase a digital land thanks to the project Arcona. Each site is geographically tied to a specific area. Now everyone can become the owner of the digital land where he wants.

Arcona is a platform that unites the real world and the virtual world where users can create any objects and sell them. The developers will be able to simulate 3D objects, rare historical buildings, long-extinct animals or even recreate fragments of favorite movies with the help of convenient tools.

Do you remember the movie "Jurassic Park" or "Jaws"?


With the Arcona project, it will be possible to create this in the world of augmented reality. It will be possible to plunge into the world of dinosaurs and even stay with them or swim with the frightening sharks. Users will have the opportunity to create a world that they want, which will be limited only by their imagination. The platform can satisfy even the most sophisticated reader thanks to advanced developments.


But Arcona was created not only to recreate the dinosaurs) Technology of this project will be able to improve our daily lives and bring real benefits. Life in modern megacities is full of advertisements, car traffic is also overloaded. With the integration of advanced developments in our smartphones navigation and search for the desired Luggage, architectural structures or cafes in such cities will be more convenient.

The platform will be able to bring great benefits to the users of the tourism business, because now it will not be difficult to recreate any historical building, structure, statue or even the whole event. This will increase the number of clients of such companies.


We all love to play computer games. According to statistics, 65% of the world's population periodically spends time playing games. Thanks to augmented reality technologies, the Arcona project will be able to bring the game industry to a completely new level.

Medicine and education have always been the industries in which the best training takes place through visualization. Arcona will also transform this sphere.


How would that work?

The whole ecosystem consists of several components:

  1. A common database in which all 3D objects will be stored, full information about them and their owners;
  2. Simulation system with a full set of tools to create 3D virtual objects and entire worlds;
  3. Mobile application for smartphones and any gadgets and headsets for augmented reality.

All transactions for the purchase and sale of digital values will be made using the Arcona token, which will be the only unit of account in the system. Transparency of transactions and their security as well as the security of user data will be ensured through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

What will be the function of tokens?

  1. Tokens will provide access to all functions of the platform and will give the opportunity to buy digital land assets, to profit from the sale;
  2. The ability to create any virtual reality content on the Arcona platform.

Conclusions and prospects

The Arcona project was created by the best specialists of Piligrim XXI, which has been successfully operating in the digital development market for a long time. To implement all the project plans, an ICO was created, which to date has already been able to attract 7139 ETH from numerous investors and large funds and reputable partners. Let's build our digital future together with Arcona.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about Arcona?


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Крутой проект, который имеет все шансы стать лидером в данной индустрии

27.06.2018 21:12

Привет!) Спасибо, что оценили мою работу. Я счита этот проект также очень перспективным.

28.06.2018 10:02