0xcert - new open protocol for digital asset ownership verification!


It is not for nothing that the 21st century was called the century of information technologies because today they are changing our reality and every sphere of the economy with a stunning speed. Today, everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies and their impact on the global financial system. The leading corporations in the world are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research on this technology because they realized that it is the future. Due to one of the main advantages - decentralization and security, many companies have thought about the transition of their entire infrastructure to the blockchain. Blockchain capabilities are almost limitless, starting from secure storage of funds, various applications of smart contracts and copyrights.

Recently, there are many different cryptocurrencies and some of them even use their blockchain, which leads to the lack of interaction between different ecosystems and unnecessary resource costs.

I present to you conceptually a new project 0xcert-a special Protocol, whose role in combining tokens of different types. The goal of the project is to allow developers and users to reduce the time and resources spent on creating applications on blockchain technology.


0xcert the next stage in the development of decentralized technology!

It is no secret that Bitcoin today is digital gold, and Ethereum is digital oil and more than 90% of all new tokens of the ERC-20 format are created on its blockchain. The advantage of this technology is that different tokens of this format can be exchanged for others, and they are the same if they have the same smart contract.

Modern tokens are a financial instrument of some equivalent exchange with other tokens or Fiat money. But the team 0xcert created are not interchangeable tokens, the function of which now is not limited only to storage of cryptocurrencies. They provide an opportunity to identify the authenticity of knowledge, certificates and confirm ownership.

The project team thus extends the functions of the blockchain and the main task of these tokens will be storing data using a special decentralized registry.

What are the benefits of using 0xcert for developers?

Special Protocol 0xcert allows developers to create applications on the blockchain in languages such as Python, Ruby, Javascript using API connection and a set of special tools.

The Protocol is open source and allows users to prove the right to own various copyrights, the presence of education or certain skills, the end of any courses or the right to own antique values, and all this without involving the services of appraisers, various experts who take a considerable commission. All data is recorded in the blockchain, which is verified by a third party, but does not disclose financial or other confidential information.


Details of the Tokensale

To implement all the tasks, the team is currently holding an ICO, during which it is planned to attract 20 000 ETH from investors. The public presale starts on July 2, 2018 and will run until July 4, 2018, and the public sale dates are from July 4 to 18, 2018. At each stage of sales, there are bonuses, and early investors will get more benefits.

Conclusions and prospects of the project

Thanks to the creation of such a Protocol, developers will be able to save their time on the creation of applications, human resources departments of companies will be able to quickly find the necessary candidates and check their professional qualities, and if you need to determine the property rights will not need to use the services of third parties.

The main goal of the team is to ensure the maximum level of information and property rights protection, as all operations will be performed between the platform participants. Create 0xcert opens new opportunities to use blockchain technology is a new stage of development this technology has tremendous potential.

Friends, thank you for reading! What do you think about 0xcert?

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Шикарно пишите статьи. Узнал много интересного и позновательного. Я подписался на тебя и проголосал, буду рад взаимной подписке. Я тоже пишу полезные статьи)

30.06.2018 20:47

Wow, an interesting project, and most importantly the right, I read more documentation

03.07.2018 17:56

So many projects and so hard to choose from them something worthwhile and promising, but the idea I liked here

05.07.2018 07:57

Thanks, I will study it in more detail, the idea is very cool

05.07.2018 18:51

Yes, the technology can really solve the issue of trust and simplify verification

16.07.2018 13:23