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Since the advent of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have been constantly critized for not having a physical support. Additionally, the absence of a central authority controlling issuance and supply has rendered the value of digital currencies questionable by financial experts. Add to all of this the high instability levels of cryptos which is one of the major problems hindering mass adoption of digital currencies.

To resolve these difficulties, the idea of gold-backed cryptocurrencies has risen. These currencies functions in a similar manner as conventional cryptocurrencies, except that they are backed by real gold, through allocated or unallocated gold storage. Stablecoins are a type of asset backed cryptocurrency which was developed to address crypto’s outrageous price swings. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrencies whose value is "pegged" to assets with stable value including fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, etc) and precious metals. Gold-backed digital currencies are uncommon types of stablecoins, the value of which are pegged to that of gold. Combining the innovative capabilities of the blockchain technology with gold offers the best solution to the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

The list of gold-backed cryptocurrencies has been increasing relentlessly. One of such currencies is Digital Gold. Digital Gold is combining the best attributes of gold and its vault, to deliver a gold backed currency to the market, and creating secure digital vault

GOLD stablecoin is a digital crypto asset backed up by physical gold, which is bought each time a token is issued and stored in a secure vault in Singapore.

GOLD stablecoin ERC20 token based on Ethereum is an easy and fast way to store, purchase, sell or transfer investment grade gold. GOLD token is actually what an investors need to purchase gold and digital storage with complete anonymity and secure your assets from high volatility and quick loss of value.

Each GOLD token is 100% back by physical gold stored in security vault, the quantities of physical gold stored can be checked at any time. Gold ensures the liquidity of GOLD token. Unrestricted amount of gold can be bought/redeemed at our website immediately 24/7.

Stablecoins aim to insure against high volatility. Sadly, majority of them have their very own flaw: as time passes, inflation consumes a stablecoin's real value, since its price is pegged to a fiat currency.

GOLD stablecoins are extraordinary: they are pegged to physical gold, consequently their price will undoubtedly keep growing in respect to all fiat stablecoins, much the same as the price of gold keep growing with respect to the US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, etc.

Every single GOLD token are backed by physical gold stored in a safe vault. The gold stored is confirmed continuously in real-time and can be verified online as well.

Each GOLD token is issued utilizing Ethereum smart contract and the quantities of tokens available for sales consistently equal the sum of gold bullion held in vault.

Token issuer company is a liquidity provider allowing purchase and sale of huge amount of tokens exceptionally close to market rates. Token holder can immediately buy or redeem tokens online or partner exchanges.

Zero fees on transactions. Investors can make as much payments as they like.

Very low service charges compare to the cost saving gold in bank.

100% backed by physical gold. The quantity of physical gold stored can be equated with the total number of tokens real-time. All transfers are irreversible and there is no way to froze or restrict your account because of decentralized structure of blockchain technology.

Own GOLD while staying private. All other gold ownership options involve unveiling your identity at the time of possession or redemption. To buy or sell any quantity of GOLD, you simply need to give a receiving wallet address.

When investing in conventional cryptocurrencies, it is of first significance to recognize speculative projects and true utility projects. That is the most challenging and risky quest when entering the crypto space as the market is oversaturated. Furthermore, the secret behind keeping one's assets in stablecoins is, there are very few available on the market to date, and their value closely tracks the price of a stable asset it is pegged to.

GOLD tokens comprise an extraordinary long-term investment tool, particularly since there is no compelling reason to open a brokerage account, pass a KYC, or experience some other complex procedure to own GOLD.

The stability of gold’s long-term purchasing power is absolutely superior to any fiat currency. Investors need not to worry about the value of their funds due to instability of crypto market as their funds is stored in the value of gold, by means of Gold token. In the long term, the graph for the GOLD/Tether exchange rate will consistently point up, much the same as the graph for XAU/USD.


In the nearest future, all things considered, the gold price will keep on increasing. We all know, Gold have been used for thousands of years as an exchange product, methods of storing wealth as well as means of payments. With the emergent of Digital Gold, blockchain technology helps further promote gold's potential. Leveraging on the popularity and possible the potential of this technology, the price of Gold stable coin may increase unprecedentedly.

To investors, since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are truly the future of finance, I’m assuring you won’t regret investment with Digital Gold.

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