The Most Efficient Source Of Green Energy For Cryptocurrency Mining

The world is relentlessly moving from reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful sources of energy. Solar energy is at the forefront, trailed by other new alternative energy, for example, wind and hydro system. The blockchain is additionally being utilized to design a peer-to-peer energy trading model.

There has been an increase in Distributed Energy Grids (DERs) or autonomous sources of renewable source (Solar panels) as of late. These sources are connected to the grid, transforming energy consumers into producers that offer abundance power back to the grid.

Individuals who possess solar panels are given the right to sell the abundance generated power to their neighbors. Blockchain makes this first peer-to-peer system for power to ensure a precise record of transactions. It likewise improves accounting and metering through decentralization; guaranteeing transparent sharing of data to users of the network.

DAGO mining is the first independent ecological mining farm, DAGO mining does not rely upon energy companies, DAGO mining produces energy with Solar photovoltaic systems and solar concentrations. DAGO has a heat storage system and ecological energy storage built of saltwater batteries, so mining DAGO can mine even during the evening. This solution with extremely low maintenance costs wards off us from rising energy costs later on, keeping costs around 0.1-0.2 cents/kW. The Immersion Cooling System for equipment increases performance and lifespan, setting aside to 90% of cooling energy costs. With this, DAGO-mining can utilize more grounded and additionally performing equipment; this is unfathomable under ordinary conditions for high energy utilization. High profits from Dago mining depend on low energy costs, after some time, on mining and on HashPower leases, three solutions that likewise benefits ICO investors.

Team members have worked together for a years in the designed, construction and maintenance of power plants for leading companies in the industries. We know what to do and how to make our plants.

We have the opportunity to pick among the most productive parts in the market with rapid updates at low costs. Cooling immersion and the utilization of renewable energy joined with accumulators make us autonomous and highly profitable.

In the equipment, there is a storage system that enables the energy generated by the photovoltaic system to be stored and after that releases it when it is dark or when the plant does not generate. They are designed to boost their very own utilization, thus increasing energy cost savings.

Hitherto, 80% of the energy utilized for extraction is delivered by coal-fired power plants, likewise the Blockchain works with that energy, pollution getting from mining is heartbreaking for environment and the climate. Mining is truly profitable, whenever done in the correct manner, utilizing new technologies. Dago Mining can install its highly scalable and low cost PV power plants around the world. There are renewable resources in each country; they can be utilized to decrease harmful emissions of ozone layer. Hydroelectric, geothermal and solar plants are possible and at moderate costs.

The principle of operation of the entire system of the technologies and components enables to gather Solar energy amid the day, just as its surplus to be processed into heat, which at the night can be utilized as fuel to produces extra power. As we can see from the prototype below, a specific cycle of one energy is obtained, easily flowing into another and back. This principle will enable DAGO MINING to work always with no hitches and issues.

Dago harnessed the solar energy using photovoltaic panels in two distinctive ways: direct power heat generation and transformation, which is using steam turbines that changed into energy. We have the opportunity of storing both electricity also, heat to utilize it at night, make us totally free of energy cost.

By concentrating solar power from a generally large territory, the thickness of solar flux can expand significantly; and, some operating temperatures several degrees Celsius can be achieved.
Such operational power and temperature can be applied in fact to numerous individuals different strategies, for instance metal smelting, non-ferrous alloy processing. Be that as it may, it is likewise attainable to convert the flow of energy into power.

Concentrated solar power is a source of heat to generate pressure steam for the condensing turbine, the pressure energy stream is changed to mechanical energy that drives the alternator. So the technology power generation plants are equivalent to coal-fired power plants; however, the energy source is unique.

The likelihood of changing the currency to be mined is imperative for profitability, at times it is more profitable to mine coins with lower value, however additionally less difficult to calculate, which translates into a bigger volume of coins, in this way increasing profitability. Dago software offers the opportunity to change extraction currency, at whatever point there is a market-determined need condition. We are developing a different internal system, where we can save crypto currency extracted from possible external attacks, our specialists in bank security are setting up the environment. We will patent a few solutions. Other solutions mentioned above have already patented by our partners.

The DAGO token is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token. DAGO tokens give their holders the privilege to:
• Receive 50% of the mining activity allocated as follows:
40% paid monthly, one month after begin
• Reinvest 10% for increasing mining capacity
• Receive 20% from the calculation power rental activity allocated as follows:
• 20% paid monthly, one month after the begin 05% reinvested for increase mining capacity
• Use the tokens to purchase mining power with a 30% discount
First data on ICO of new mines, others will be executed

DAGO Mining will reinvest 40% of the profits, for a year and half in Equipment and Photovoltaic cells to increase the total hash power of the whole miner for the benefits of all, 10% will take care of the maintenance costs, personnel, administrative and so forth.

Initial Token Issue Volume: 150.000.000 DAGO
Cost of the token in term of FIAT money: 1 DAGO = 1$
Accepted currency: ETH, credit cards
Tokens not allocated will be burn.
For lowest fees and safe payment we recommend to purchase DAGO tokens with ETH.

Tokens Distribution:
• 85% token holder
• 15% Founders and Companies

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Valter Marelli: CEO
Fabrizio Saltori: Logistics and Infrastructure Manager
Mary Jo Marelli: Graphic Designer
Patrizia Mereu: Video Designer
Raffaella Arcelli: Human Resource Manager
Alessandro Giulianelli: Hardware and software Experts
Yogesh Raje: Director MENISIS
Giorgio D'Amico: CFO
Jessa A. Zabala: Bounty and Community Manager
Joel Manabat: Bounty and Community Manager

It is obvious that the wave of blockchain technology is a tsunami that will challenge local service delivery models. Its impact has already been felt in the energy and power industry and backing is building.

It is along these lines Dago Mining believed as a community everyone can come together contributing towards a more transparent, collaborative, fair and trusted decentralized blockchain network. For Dago Mining, it is likewise appropriate that meticulous research continues to opening the unlimited abilities of the technology to transform power sector.

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