Simple & clear: processes on Akaiito

“Keep it simple!” — very important rule what comes to some action, which involves a lot of people. When it comes to a big groups of people: more complicated You do something, more confusing it will get and will bring with itself a lot of mistakes and disappointments.

Simple processes are not always same simple behind the scenes. Actually usually to get process to as simple level as possible, You need to over-complicate it from inside. This is the price what always should be paid, when we talk about company-client relations. If You want to do something for a big mass of people, if You create some service for the people, then do it simple as possible, otherwise the service is loosing its purpose.

Akaiito team is truly believing in this concept and when we are taking some decisions in the team regarding platform, we always ask ourselves the first and the main question “Will it be convenient for users? Will they like it?”. As we are now on the stage of creating the platform and You can not yet use it and try it out, we at least, tried to show You examples of how it will work via videos. Please, check them and share Your opinion with us.

Help us to create the platform which You want to use, cause Akaiito will be created for people, who currently doesn't have an opportunity to use their cryptocurrency.

Youtube videos:

 — Akaiito Online Services
 — Akaiito Rent & Online Map
 — Akaiito Online Market

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