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Today the advertising industry is trying more and more innovative methods to attract more potential buyers, but sometimes it turns into annoying, because not once you can see on the phone people begin to pop up ads from mobile operators or when you sit in a social network window POPs up.

And for their large number of people begin to download and install ad blockers themselves, which affects content creators, various types of business and intermediaries can not always provide complete transparent reporting that shows the effectiveness of their advertising platforms, which adversely affects both their development and the waste of a lot of time and money in search of relevant services.

In addition, those who earn by placing ads on their videos, blogs, often receive only 30-40% of the possible profit, the rest are divided among themselves by intermediaries in the form of hosting, publishing houses, in addition, the commission remains with banking and electronic payment systems. This system is not very cost-effective and also does not promote products as all would like.

But fortunately, experts from silicon valley have found a decent solution and create a project called Vidy.


This team brought the idea of embedding videos in texts and at the request of the reader to view it and receive a reward in the form of Vide coins. The technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The amount of payment depends on how long the user will make contact with this ad, which can also be presented in the form of video, image, text with a link.

The idea is very promising, since the user is already reading this text and he is interested in this topic, it is possible to read it already by the target and potential client. Every year about 600 million ads are blocked with the help of applications, that is, people will not see them, although perhaps they would have a positive efficiency. Vidy easily fixes this problem by offering such a rational and interesting plugin.


Vidy has found a better and smarter way to connect with users, turning them into potential buyers and allowing all to create an additional source of income by sharing this content, leaving feedback or comments. This is a more harmonious and profitable idea for all participants of the platform.

Thanks to blockchain technology, content creators will be able to receive complete and transparent information on all transitions, sales and instantly receive payment for their work, including micropayments, their income will be increased to 80-90%, no bots will be able to view these advertisements. All persons involved in this process remain in a good win.

This project already has a number of well-known partners and the pre-sale of tokens will begin on September 1, 2018. Vidy has the power to revolutionize the world of advertising and marketing to enhance feedback, return on ad format, these innovative panels.


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@aivaryamaltdinov Quite an interesting solution came up with the team! I hope it will be effective.

29.08.2018 08:07

@aivaryamaltdinov Blockchain helps to increase earnings of content creators, Vidy will make profit distribution more fair!

29.08.2018 15:09

@aivaryamaltdinov Eliminating many intermediaries is an important and correct step in such an industry.

02.09.2018 07:28