SLP Network - Decentralized Marketplace for Loyalty Programs!

Loyalty programs, or simply put, stable purchases in the same stores, are now available to the vast majority of sellers. However, they are not always clear and convenient for buyers and profitable for retailers.

Now there are many loyalty programs: coupon, discount, point and their combinations. However, the most common of these is a simple point system, where customers earn bonus points, which are then exchanged for some benefit in the form of a discount or a small gift.

I almost every day buy in your favorite supermarket products and runs a month so much reward, which makes it possible to get the goods for two days on the average of my daily spending. It's very nice, but I want even more. Still, people love the attention, and many stores just pays this fact little time.

According to statistics, about $ 100 billion is lost, as customers are not very eager to use their bonuses because of outdated marketing, and not all entrepreneurs try to innovate, analyze and process information for business development with the help of loyalty.

Therefore, many people decide to stop using these programs and make a big mistake, this is an important contact with their target audience, which needs to be constantly maintained and improved. Fortunately, the platform called SLP Network can fix all these problems.
It is created and developed by the SailPlay project which already has more than 5 years of experience in this sphere, there are offices in Moscow and new York. The team consists of famous personalities and experienced professionals from the following companies, which can be seen in this picture and on June 4, 2018 joined the Symdiotic Network Cindicator, that will help to transfer the received data for development of machines of artificial intelligence and to simplify processes considerably.
The project Manager is Leonid Shangin, who has more than 100 clients around the world, such well-known companies as Sephora, Estee Lauder, и Papa John's and sell tokens 60% of the total 4 billion, where for one us dollar you can get 100 digital coins.

That provides this platform for customers:

1) They clearly understand what benefits they can get through the loyalty program;

2) No need to fill out forms on the information table, thus leaving your data confidential;

3) Instant notification on the phone about new discounts, promotions and bonuses;

4) More advanced offers where this program is used;

5) Own anonymous and secure wallets;

6) Ability to exchange bonuses between brands within the community.

Sellers also take off the hard work, they will only need to connect their business to this platform and set up in a few clicks on which products, goods or services the program is distributed. All data, transactions are securely recorded in the general register, no papers and intermediaries in the form of banking and electronic payment systems.

For myself, I consider this option also in terms of selling these tokens on the exchanges, as soon as they go there: the capitalization of digital money can be said at the earliest stage of growth and therefore it is possible to increase your capital well thanks to such simple actions that we do almost every day!

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Online stores will also introduce this idea to their websites, so a large capitalization is expected!

09.06.2018 11:10

Many businessmen will be glad to such a product, it can help to attract new customers and keep the permanent even better!

09.06.2018 12:30

The main thing that my data was safe, and that will be able to implement this project, this is a big plus for me

11.06.2018 10:43

I will be happy to buy products where there is this platform!

17.06.2018 16:22

I like to make purchases, and then there will be bonuses in the form of digital tokens, it's so cool)

14.06.2018 18:09