🔥Pieta - An Ecosystem for Solar Powered Crypto Mining on Blockchain🔥

Today technologies bring great convenience to people and the most studied now and implemented in many areas of people's lives is the blockchain. The most popular use it found in payment systems and the example of Bitcoin showed how you can do without centralized intermediaries and send transactions anywhere in the world.

And after that, digital currencies became one of the promising areas for investment and profit, for example, I managed to buy Ethereum at the end of 2016 at a cost of $ 7. And it is not necessary to buy them for their money, this technology allows them to produce with the help of powerful computing devices that spend a considerable amount of electricity.

But now to obtain them requires a very powerful device worth several thousand dollars, producing enough noise and rent special rooms for them, preferably away from residential real estate. Moreover, a large waste of energy negatively affects the environment, releasing heat.
Many people begin to try to mine a lot of crypto-currencies in various ways, projects are created that produce special phones for this operation, but all of us first need to think about the energy that is used for this, because it is mainly provided by the extraction of minerals from our land, their processing and burning.

Many government agencies, large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses are eager to study and implement blockchain technology into their ecosystem. And in order to eliminate the negative impact of the mining process on the environment, a platform called Pieta is being created!
Pieta aims to develop a blockchain project that allows to receive cryptocurrencies based on renewable solar energy, which will help to reduce harmful emissions in the production of traditional electricity, mining will become more environmentally friendly and affordable for more users.

All this will be implemented using the new algorithm X20, which can reduce power consumption and allows more efficient cooling of the equipment used. This ecosystem will reward its users for the use of green energy derived from the sun, will help reduce carbon emissions into the environment and increase the service life of mining devices.

This idea promotes the implementation of blockchain based on renewable energy in the production of any scale, to reduce the cost of mining and make this area accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation and territorial location.
The confirmation time of the block is no more than 20 seconds and the team plans to create its own wallet for the Windows operating system for storage and exchange for other cryptocurrencies and to list the Pieta token on the world's leading exchanges.

Now is the best time to buy these tokens with a bonus of 100% and holders will be able to profit in the future from installations for solar energy. The public sale will continue until November 14, 2019 and the price will vary from 1.5 to 5 dollars. The project is supported by many well-known companies, which you can see in this picture:
In conclusion, I will say that this protocol will help many merchants and businesses to conduct money transfers and other transactions with low fees without intermediaries, investors to profit from the activities of the project and support the technology of green energy production worldwide, also have a greater chance of profit as it is already for sale the price of tokens will rise, team consists of successful and experienced professionals from the field of blockchain programming. I recommend you to read more information on the links below:










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@aivaryamaltdinov Excellent and high-quality review, I will follow their development!

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@aivaryamaltdinov Excellent and high-quality review, I will follow their development!

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