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Delivery of goods across the country and abroad has been developed with the advent of professional logistics and the development of modern technologies. Today, many companies are ready to offer different types of transportation, they contribute to the rapid turnover of goods and cargo between different cities, countries and even continents. There are companies that specialize in one form of transportation, there are those that successfully combine several types.

My friend often uses the services of companies for the organization of freight transport container transport, travels to other countries, bought goods there and already sent home with their help. There are also manufacturers of different products, factories, a variety of small transport companies.

The big plus of container transportation can be attributed to the fact that they are capacious, do not need additional storage, tolerate almost any weather and does not require the labor of people during loading and unloading.

But at the same time containers are often the subject of interest of scammers and thieves. According to statistics, thefts from containers close three of the most common methods of theft in freight.

Firstly, the capacity of one container is from 20 to 40 feet, that is, having access to it, the attacker breaks a good jackpot, especially if it carried valuable cargo. Secondly, multimodal transportation involves frequent changes of means of transportation, so it is necessary to make forced stops in warehouses, which attracts the attention of robbers.

For this reason, it is often impossible to determine at what point the theft was carried out and from whom to ask for compensation. Well, if any movement and change of locations of the cargo will be accompanied by the presence of the appraiser, who will check the seals, will hold a photographic comparison of the contents of containers at different stages of transportation and storage, but it is quite time-consuming process.

Modern technologies can ensure control and safety of cargo at all stages of its transportation and storage. A unique development that meets these requirements is the project Blockshipping.
It creates a global decentralized registration platform for all goods transported by containers, which will allow you to reliably and accurately track the entire process in real time of delivery from the supplier to the customer's door.

In such an ecosystem, all participants will be important - terminals, ports, carriers, transport companies that help and register all operations with the help of blockchain technology, which will allow to transfer information in encrypted form to the general register, abandon securities, pay immediately with tokens of the platform.

It will be possible to forget such intermediaries as electronic payment systems, banking institutions, which can sometimes even refuse to make a transfer because of a large amount or even block the money and keep it in your account until you personally do not come to understand what is the matter. And this is a big loss of time, concern and of course the impact on business development.

Many will find in this project a place and benefit both for earnings and for help. The team is already sponsored by early investors and the Danish Maritime Fund, the token sale will start on may 14, 2018 and will be carried out with the help of ICO 2.0. More specifically, it corresponds to 100% of the legislation of the country, carefully checked by the law firm.
You can easily order the transportation of goods on this platform from anywhere in the world(geographical restrictions are eliminated), monitor its progress on all points, quickly pay in any amount, be confident in the legality of the company. The idea has already shown interest from many sides and its potential is impressive, as today about 27 million units of containers are used.

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The project team consists of people with many years of experience in the container industry and intelligent sensor technology

10.05.2018 20:02

Thanks for the interesting article, I saw that token holders will be well supported, so I plan to buy their tokens

10.05.2018 20:29

I think to support this project, the idea is promising, the Danish Foundation has also joined and this increases confidence

10.05.2018 20:52

Blockchain will eventually be used in many areas of our lives, its advantages are undeniable and this project also adds

12.05.2018 06:41

The platform will solve almost all the problems of current container shipping, great review!

12.05.2018 14:02

I am working with the carriage of goods,I will tell my director about such an interesting platform

13.05.2018 15:31

I am working with the carriage of goods,I will tell my director about such an interesting platform

13.05.2018 15:33

Token sale will take only one month, I need to use this great chance

14.05.2018 15:21