🚀Bitcoin Token (BTK) will rename to Bitcoin Turbo Koin - swap your tokens!!

Bitcoin Token will soon be a coin.

First our name have we decided to rename to Bitcoin Turbo Koin

We will continue with the same ticker: BTK

We will continue with the same logo.

We want to say thanks for the support we have seen all around from

more than 60,000 supporters on the social platforms.

In 2018 we saw a bearish crypto year, but that didn’t stop us from making it to top exchanges

and we will also highlight that we developed some great products like:

  • Mobile APPS for Android / iOS
  • Bot for Telegram / Discord
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Google Chrome Wallet

80 % of all tokens out was sent to people as airdrops and as a way

of getting the right marketing and secure many holders.

Today we have more than 32,000 holders, which is a sign of strong support for the project.

In 2019 have we launched a very ambitious Roadmap.

We are working on more use-case and E-Commerce.

Further will we do more partnerships than before.

We are very positive and bullish towards what 2019 will bring.

We invite all to take part in our community and journey.

Go check out our Roadmap for 2019 here:

SWAP - March 17, 2019

Currently supporting exchanges for the swap:



Swap: 1:1

So you will receive the same amount of BTK as you have now.

So if you have 100 BTK then will you in the Swap receive the same 100 BTK.

The only difference is that you will now have a coin and not a token.

BTK Blockchain Details

Supply: 20 Billion (infinite, so will grow each day)
Staking Reward: 2000 BTK
Masternode: 20 Million collateral
POS: 600 BTK / 30 %
*Masternode: 1400 BTK / 70 %

We have increased the supply, in that way we have funds to continue the project and further
secure positive development and use-case.

20 million BTK for a masternode will help stabilizing the price and support a positive price-trend

We will form a foundation with 5 members, that can make decisions in the future
that brings value to BTK.

We will allocate 1 billion coins for a foundation wallet.

This foundation will be the public face of BTK in the future and in that way

will we be stronger when dealing with partners and serious exchanges.

This amount is reserved for Exchange-costs and positive development of BTK in the years to come.

We will update our site and more in the coming weeks with more info and allocation of the coins.

Development - Operations - Marketing -Listing Fee to new exchanges / integration into services.

Remember to check out our Twitter, where we will update regarding other exchanges and mobile wallets.

Go follow us here:


Please respect that we cannot update about other exchanges / Mobile Apps before they have said yes to our new blockchain and we have agreed on the terms.

Mobile Wallets and Myetherwallet or Metamask - Move your coins to Crex24 or Stex.

We are looking forward to 2019 and to work hard with the milestones we have for this year.

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