Thousands of computers makeup the background blockchain and they function with the same protocol. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two reliable crypto networks and they are also well known and secure. Though they have all these glowing reviews, the blockchain companies of today still have some compatibility concerns.

In order to confirm a process on bitcoin and Ethereum, the speed used by them are very slow. Bitcoin makes use of 10 minutes to process while Ethereum does same at 2 minutes.

The possibility of cyber attacks and other malicious events like hacking can also contribute to reduce the already slow processing rate.

There are other solutions in the market but none of them can provide a faster speed and some of them do not even have a proven record to back them up. Because companies have no right to control the speed of their transaction and the configuration of their network, enterprises are careful to adopt the blockchain technology because they don't know the level of risk they might be exposed to, neither are they ready to counter it if it occurs.

That is why 4th Blockchain remains the technology to put the minds of people at rest concerning the blockchain because they will make available a customized network for business where companies will be able to have their needs met in a safe and reliable environment.


4th BLOCKCHAIN: The 4th Blockchain has the advantage of a higher processing speed and an advanced security system because of the merge of the time-space concept and the blockchain.

The 4th Blockchain makes use of time, data and space. While current blockchains makes use of only data and time concept. In addition to this, Soom tech will roll out group concept where every node will belong to a group.

ALGORITHM: This algorithm makes use of time and space and it provides real time values for live positioning and time stamp. Nodes communicate with the server in charge of it and passes along space values to it while the Grouping algorithm positions each nodes in different groups. The Grouping algorithm continues to manage and maintain every node.

512 NODE MAINTENANCE: The use of time in the process of data storage is a common occurrence on the blockchain. Many contracts make use of this feature from the time it was created. This causes a delay in the traditional blockchain where the freed up time attracts more users to enter the network which results to delayed speed.

4th Blockchain will make use of the 512 nodes to ensure that all transactions are verified and are processed with greater efficiency while maintaining security. With 4th Blockchain, blocks will come into existence every eight seconds on the blockchain network.


SOOM TECH has created a platform that will elevate the blockchain technology and make their operations better. The 4th Blockchain platform will make some of the core features of the blockchain, speed and security, to be increased, thereby restoring the confidence of customers and making every transaction efficient. A better blockchain era has come to stay via the 4th Blockchain.

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