One basic challenge which we have repeatedly faced in the 21st century is that whatever is digital is not owned. As technology has continually advanced, the ease with which digital contents are passed from one owner to another, even without the permission of the original owner of the content.

Without even realizing, owners of these digital contents lose out on their hard work. Having invested millions of dollars across various industries in various parts of the world, they often issue out licenses to people who go ahead to resell the access they have been given, making much more profit than even the owner of the digital content.

This issue having continued without a framework to put it in check has led to the death of brilliant ideas that could no longer get financial funding, and also caused the loss of jobs for people who work with the companies, that depend on these monies.

In order to put an end to this, ScanetChain is creating an opportunity which will help creators of intellectual contents to get enormous rewards for their efforts.

Scanetchain will be leveraging on the accountability, scalability and transparency of the neo blockchain, to help people get detailed analysis of their digital contents, how the users are accessing it, and how often they are being duplicated.

With the Scantchain Digital Media License, contents can be easily tracked by producers through the blockchain. Through the license, a message with detailed information about the actions on a specified product, the agreements and clauses that bind the asset, and the limitations will be broadcasted, creating a transparent yet verifiable framework which will be of benefit to both the content creators and the subscribers.

Scanetchain goes further to help content owners protect their intellectual properties from fraud and counterfeits. Products and contents can have information about them uploaded to the blockchain. This therefore makes it easy for people who are interested in the product, to dig deeper, get detailed information and analysis, which will help them make proper decisions on the goods and services they want to pay for.

Another unique feature that makes ScanetChain different from other possible frameworks for digital content protection and licensing is the adoption of a strategy that will leverage on content hashes. According to the team, it was revealed in the project white paper that all transactions via the scanetchain framework will have their own individual hashes and customs apostille hash codes, encoded with a unique 4 byte magic bytes system.

The benefit of this strategy is that auditing the network will become way more simplistic, therefore being able to determine is a certain transaction was duly signed or not.

The ScanetChain’s tokenized strategy is a futuristic solution that will help solve global content breach problems. It is a brilliant 21st century idea that is backed by a competent team who are comprehensively grounded on the necessities needed for complete success. You have no reason to stay left out on this brilliant strategy.

Take the lead to become a major stake holder in the Scanetchain revolution, the Scanetchain team are readily available and ready to answer all your questions about the Scanetchain project.

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