ONe is a social network that is not only new and freshly conceived, it boasts of the latest technologies and will use them to make available services that will ensure the privacy and security of their users. This ecosystem is the first of its kind, which is the first blockchain based social network.

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The ONe platform will be a place where businesses, content creators, groups and people can get together and interact without fear of information loss. ONe Network will provide for all their users complete communication tools that will uphold their privacy even as they interact on the platform.

Initially, The ONe platform will be available to users of iOS and their Web and Android counterpart will have their own released at a later date in 2018.


PRIVACY: Other social networks have betrayed the trust placed on them by their users by selling the information of their users as well as their private data without their explicit consent or knowledge to advertisers.

Some of these platforms made it a rule that users will have to give up their privacy and data rights before they can make use of their platform. This sort of agreement will not be found on ONe Network.

The platform will only permit approved advertisers to come on board with a clear agreement not to mine the data and information of their users.

GPS AND CHATS: The privacy of users is a priority of ONe Network and that is why privacy has been ensured in their GPS, chat and posting functionality.

Users of the platform will be provided with options in mainly two different categories:

PUBLIC: Users will have access to post in and view the public feed which is accessible by the entire community. Users will also be able to perform group, private or public chats according to their choice. The public chats can be accessed by all community members as long as the leader of the group allows it.

PRIVATE: Users will have the option of going private and only their approved friends and followers will be able to interact with them and also to see and read posts from them. This channel being private means that only an approved group of friends or people will be able to take part in the discussions and to see contents.

ELIMINATING POSTS: ONe Network provides a function that also helps to improve the privacy of the platform by helping users eliminate posts at a specified time. This feature works in both private and public interactions whereby messages will be removed automatically when the set time period arrives.


ONe has the vision to enrich their platform with features that will make communication fun and exciting for their users and at the same time, protecting them from data manipulation or information loss.

With The ONe Network, people from all around the world will be able to communicate through video, text, voice and other exciting ways without worrying about any agency gathering their data without their knowledge or permission.

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