The blockchain industry and particularly the cryptocurrency industry, have grown tremendously since its inception and is currently estimated that crypto trading platforms trade up to $1 trillion worth of transaction on a daily basis.

When comparing the volume of trade in this industry to that of forex, one has to believe that this industry has what it takes to completely outmatch the forex industry.

Just last night I was being told over four young individuals who have completely turned their lives around through crypto trading. Although many might not know, this industry is making millions of people rich on daily basis through trading.

However, before one should commence trading he or she has to have what it takes by having the required skills and exposure in the industry. In this vain, traders need adequate tools such as built in indicators and other tools to properly facilitate their crypto trading, and these tools are what LH CRYPTO is here to provide for traders.


LH CRYPTO’s META TRADER 5 built platform will link traders to trading platforms through their own software and providing them with the needed tools to have a great trading experience, one that will make sure traders always make profit during trades.

The platform will have diverse functionality which will enable traders to employ various strategies in performing a rewardable trade.


In other for traders to make the most of their trading experience, there is a need for them to be updated with adequate information about the market and also have a means to analyse the price of currencies or symbols.

LH CRYPTO will be providing tools such as built in indicators which will enable traders to be able to carry out technical analysis on currencies in the market, about how their prices have gone in the past days or months to enable them adequately predict how the currency value will rise or drop in the future.

Accompanied with that will be the platforms news feature which will promptly update traders on what is going on in the crypto market on various geographical plains (countries).

Bitcoin price have faced a downward thread for the past months now, but the price went up a bit a couple of days ago due to a news which stated that Dubai was at the verge of giving cryptocurrency mainstream adoption in their country. A lot of traders didn’t have the news on time which means they lost out in making good profit from the currency rise.

With the LH CRYPTO software, traders will get prompt news on current market happenings directly from their Brookers which will serve them well in their trading activities.


Personally, I believe that this platform is a game changer for all traders as they now have more tool in which will aid them in their trading. What is more important than a skilled trader is one which is armed with the necessary tools to trade.

Other than the tools mentioned above, the software/platform is packed with other numerous tools all for your pleasure.

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