I wouldn’t say because warren buffet is an investor that is why he is one of the richest men in the world today, but it is true that investment is the best way to become really wealthy as stated by Robert Kiyosaki in one of his books.

Investment has made ways for a lot of individuals today, but it not just an investment but a wise one. With the digital age we are now in, there are a lot of fraudulent investments which have left their creators rich and others really broke which is why investment can be really tricky even when an opportunity is staring at you in the face.

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The following are challenges which have been faced by investors over the years:

  • False data: getting a business to invest in can be easy, but knowing which is the right one can be quite complicated. This is why investors usually check for business records such as sales, profit and lose the business has seen since its inception before making the decision to invest. However, this are just data which can be forged which makes the process still not reliable for investors.

  • Lack of investment opportunity: I know you probably have had times where some really great amount of money was at your custody at a point in time, or you just happen have surplus most of the times and always wish you could find a credible business in which you could pour your money into due to geographical locations or other reasons.

  • Lack of data assessing skills: some investors who haven’t really had experiences with investment always fall into such problems because of their lack of experience, they do not know how to read business data in order to know the right business opportunity to invest in.


ETHICHUB is a global investment platform which is being built to connect investors directly to business opportunity in various corners of the earth through blockchain technologies.

ETHICHUB is creating a system where the platform will be responsible for analysing small agricultural businesses in need of loans and figuring out the investment risk rating on the business.

After which, investment opportunities are uploaded on the platform for investors to take a pick on which they intend on investing on.

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The platform will be employing the use of the Ethereum blockchains smart contract in order to facilitate the implementation of contracts regarding an investment deal between investor and the borrower. Details such as interest rate, loan return rate and more will all be settled with the use of the smart contract.

The platforms utility token known as ETHIX Token will what will be used as the source of financing in the platform.

ETHICHUB will be making use of ambassadors who will be deployed to all rural areas in the globe to search for investment opportunities and promote ETHICHUB by bringing it to the notice of small business owners.

The ambassadors will also be responsible for analysing data of investment opportunities and will become the bridge between business owners and investors on the ETHICHUB platform.

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A sound team of entrepreneurs who possess great experience in their respective areas such as business management, innovation, entrepreneur, tech development, financial intermediaries and more is behind the invention of this innovative and rewarding project.

This is why I believe being a part of this platform as an investor will be a brilliant move on your part as they will ensure you get the right business opportunities to invest in.

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