Given the increase in the usage of streaming platforms, the industry is estimated to generate billions of dollars annually and majority of this funds are given by viewers through donations. In 2016, over $3 billion was said to be recovered from the industry through donations and that amount has grown expediently ever since then and still continues to do so.

The tools which have been made available in streaming platforms today are archaic hence streamers and viewers are faced with multiple challenges in the quest of content creation and mostly during financial transactions, either by viewers or streamers the challenges are the same.

Funds are sent and received using different channels and each of them have different interest rate as well as various platforms rules and restrictions enforced on streamers.

The numerous challenges which have faced the streaming industry is what have forced DESTREAM to emerge with a solution which will be both rewarding to viewers and increase streamers productivity.


DESTREAM is creating a global decentralized platform for streaming market which will enable streamers to maximize their productivity, secure their start-up capital and create diversification in their activities.

DESTREAM is inventing an innovative port folio which will serve as an ecosystem for streamers and streaming content viewers while utilizing the blockchain capabilities to ensure the success of the project. Due to its decentralized features, DESTREAM will be eliminating payment systems from the process thereby greatly decreasing the numerous costs of transaction. And in a long run improving content creation.

DESTREAM will be bringing the following benefits into the industry:

Low cost transaction fees
Easy means of conversion of Tokens to fiat
A decentralized ecosystem
The use of smart contracts
A secure Token wallet
A built-in escrow services
Transparency between advertises, streamers and platform which will make sure streamers are fairly rewarded
The DESTREAAM ecosystem is headed by one of the top 50 most influential persons in the web development world today who has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and development. He is backed up by the co-founder and CEO who has over 15 years on IT. They are supported by a team of experienced and skilled personnel’s who all have what it will take to make DESTREAM a reality and ultimately transforming the entire face of the streaming industry.

DESTREAM being on the blockchain will possess its own utility Token which will serve as an alternative for rewarding streamers instead of the conventional payment gateways which requires viewers to create multiple account in other to be able to make donations. The utility Token will be used for the following:

To make donations
Paying for transaction fees
Purchase of digital goods
To perform internal peer-to-peer operations
Token ticker: DST TOKEN

Token hardcap: $12,000,000

Token softcap: $5.5,000,000

Total amount of token: 6,000,000,000 and 3,600,000,000 will be offered up for sale.

With the above information, I believe you will find it necessary to be a part of DESTREAM by becoming a part of their ICO which would offer you a chance to acquire the DST Token at a smaller price than it will be worth when the platform launches.

DESTREAM will be providing an opportunity for existing streaming platforms to be able to integrate the DESTREAM capabilities into their platforms thereby catering for the needs of professional streamers worldwide. It will also offer content viewers an improved means of communicating with streamers as well as the provision of an effective advertising channel which will make use of powerful analytical tools.

The DESTREAM will possess a super architecture with productive and efficient financial tools to give viewers and streamers a most productive experience.

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