A Brief Overview
A lot of streaming services have become a widespread trend because the high cost that used to be the signature of data has greatly reduced. Now there are more platforms for streaming and an increased number of users of the service.

Some streaming activities are more in demand than others. Take for example, gaming, this service has been an all time favourite for streamers for a very long time and the number of users continues to increase with every passing day.

Looking At The Current Issues
One of the problems faced by streamers is the issue of chargebacks. Some viewers confront streamers with chargebacks on a regular basis and this does not help them to progress in their business. Also, streamers with low ranking do not easily get jobs from advertisers because the top streamers usually get all the jobs.

This industry have made many rich while some are still struggling to make it in the streaming business. Today you can easily find a streamer who takes the activity as a full time work. They get paid through donations from fans who follow them or by corporations or both.

Some of these platforms have eliminated some features that helps their users make money and this has made the users to seek for other alternatives. Even the alternatives they run to charge exorbitant prices, as high as 10% from their donations.

Understanding The Destream Framework
Destream is a platform set out to correct the industry issues that have been outlined above. A lot of streamers have set up different wallets for receiving donations in the form of digital assets but no streaming service has come out to fill that need until now.

Destream will satisfy streamers with a crypto platform that will handle their crypto payment needs. Also, this platform will make donation fees cheaper for their users thereby enriching them.

Destream is creating a framework that will enable people enjoy streaming which is backed by the blockchain technology. With Destream, people can enjoy streaming on a highly scalable level.

The platforms also enables people stream on a super fast level for transactions on the Destream framework. The ultra responsive support system will further make this platform a major force to reckon with, as query tickets and issues will be resolved speedily.

The DST Token Benefits
This token will help fans make donation payments to any streamer they choose.

Digital goods can be purchased on their ecosystem and also this token will make payment for services less stressful.

Streamers will use this token to transact with advertisers and to receive payment from them.

My Verdict On The Destream Project
The use of Destream will reduce the hardship faced by streamers in their content creation. Streamers will no longer endure cutthroat fees during transactions and the high percentage placed on their revenue by popular platforms will no longer affect them on Destream.

Destream is a new and improved system for streamers and I advice that they grab it with both hands.  Without a shred of doubt, this project will create a massive distortion that will help people enjoy streaming without limits, with the adopted tokenized strategy.

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