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Builderium was created to bring solution to the construction industry and to be a platform where clients will get utmost satisfaction from any home renovation or building need they might have. Builderium will ensure that clients receive the best of services at cheap rates and to work with only confirmed professionals to avoid unsatisfactory work delivery.


Clients are required to first have a summarized and detailed idea of their proposed project clearly outlined and then to submit it. Once the submission occurs, professionals on the platform will be called upon to take a look at it and to make bids. The professionals who take interest in the project will each propose a price to take on the work and if their price is satisfactory to the client, the professional get picked for the job.


Building contractors hardly have an online presence and those who do are hardly active and this makes it difficult for clients to get required information about them. There is no trust between most contractors and clients due to possible past experiences and it is hard to find contractors that can be completed trusted to handle a job without any bad outcome. Also, there is no security when it comes to payment of services due to the involvement of third parties and this makes the payment process unsafe.


Builderium creates trust in the construction industry between clients and contractors and brings them unto one platform to work together. Only on the platform will clients find adequately equipped professionals for their project.


Clients will have the blockchain technology on their side to help them process their transactions properly and to make payments securely. The decentralized platform of Builderium will keep fraudulent activities out of transaction processes thereby securing the assets of their users.

Building contractors will no longer be required to spend large sums for adverts, rather the Builderium platform will take care of advertisement for them at lesser cost.

Only qualified professionals will be allowed onto the Builderium platform because the platform will ensure a strict vetting process to screen out unqualified people and to ensure that only highly skilled contractors are available to handle the work needs of clients.


Builderium serves a lot of purpose for those who make use of it and they will gain immensely from the variety of services offered on the platform. Some of the services include:

Construction of commercial and residential properties.

Reconstruction and renovation of buildings.

Installing energy efficient doors and windows.

Roofing projects

Expansion and addition of room units


Construction of foundation

Home Insulation


After going through the entire Builderium idea, I have come to believe that this company means business and is passionate about the construction industry with the aim to remove expensive and difficult techniques from the industry in order to make it improved in service quality and delivery for both clients and construction workers. With Builderium clients will have their needs attended to on time and exactly as they want.

Builderium Project Website: https://builderium.io/
Chat Community: https://t.me/BuilderiumCommunity
Whitepaper: https://builderium.io/img/Builderium_Whitepaper.pdf
Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4685040.0
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