The gaming industry has thoroughly suffered a couple of setbacks. These setbacks have made it an unfriendly industry for heavy investors to come in and help elevate the industry to a level where it can compete with other sectors on a global level.

The lack of investors have left quite numerous loose ends and the centralized approach which most gaming platforms have utilized have thus made transparency and security a thing of the past.

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BGX is a decentralized platform created with artificial intelligence for the smooth operation of the games industry.

All over the world many economies are experiencing a newness through decentralization and the gaming industry is about to take part in it. Millions of individuals rely on a centralized system for the provision of games for their consumption and this usually comes at excessive prices.

BGX empowers every participant of the gaming industry such as players, game developers, app markets, to have a higher stake in the 60bn USD gaming market by making available better financial solutions and gaming options.

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BGX can be said to be a social economy where players can earn an income when they play games and game developers can earn more revenue from their creation while paying lesser amount of fees.

GAMES: This provides players with channels where they can earn incomes as well as interact with other players.

SECURITY: An advanced system of security that will ensure that financial fraud never occurs on the platform.

BGX has some technologies implemented to make their platform operation better than what is obtainable elsewhere.

HYBRID PROCESSING: BGX has the capability to process a thousand more transactions than any other platform can and at a much faster rate.

NEURAL NETWORK: This is an AI that is self-educating and was created at a top rated research facility.

DEV INTEGRATION: BGX platform is open source and with their SDK and API, developers will find it easy to integrate with their platform faster.


Image result for bgx icoBGX provides a channel for the easy distribution and verification of game applications through their app market. Artificial intelligence will be used to ensure that all tournament results are accurate and a token system will be used on the platform to enable users to exchange game tokens and also to withdraw fiat currency. BGX provides their users with a wallet that will serve their various interests both on the platform and in loyalty programs.

BGX is the platform that will make the mobile games industry better through the combination of an advanced Artificial Intelligence network and the blockchain technology. App markets and game developers will have a better chance at getting their games to a bigger audience at cost effective rates and also to monetize them. Players can earn income by playing games and also will be able change their tokens to fiat or to exchange them with other players.

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The BGX platform is decentralized and it is well secured from the market volatility as well as fraudulent activities. On BGX, the processing speed is fast, even more than the ethereum blockchain, and everyone gets to partake in the platform's revenue.

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