Medicine is a very important factor in the development of an individual's life with a responsibility to save and preserve life. Healthcare no doubt is one of the determinants of a quality human resource of any nation and as such the medical industry is expected to be treated with utmost importance.

Medical Centers should have a highly qualified medical staff and facilities that meet modern standards and at the same time must be affordable, accessible in their duties towards consumers. The reverse, is the case with the current medical industry has they are faced with challenges like lack of qualified medical staff and sophisticated, state of the art medical equipment.

This as a result as reduced the quality of services rendered by the medical industry, some medical facilities available consumers in certain locations are outdated or limited in proffering quality healthcare services. Medical centers lack the ability to attend to cases like surgeries, heart transplant and so on, leaving patients to their eventual doom, death.

The medical industry needs a new identity which can be relied on at any time and any place, this is what the Atlantico team seeks to achieve- an evolution of the current medical industry.

What You Should Know About Atlantico
Atlantico seeks to create a decentralized medical service blockchain with qualified medical staffs and state of the art medical facilities thereby ensuring access to high quality medical services for consumers from any part of the world.
Atlantico will provide blockchain ledger with every records on interactions on the platform, ratings, case histories, diagnosis and prescribed medicines, record of treatment and many more. All this will give users access to quality healthcare services.

Atlantico through the adoption of blockchain technology will provide the following solutions to the challenges faced by the current medical industry. Some of which include:
More qualified specialists for medical institutions: Atlantico will provide qualified medical specialist on its blockchain platform.

The blockchain will comprise of a network of qualified doctors based on continuous analysis and rating of doctors by users on the platform thereby making quality medical services available to consumers at an affordable rate.

Opportunity to attract new clients: the medical services blockchain utilized by Atlantico will open new opportunities for medical centers to attract customers through its rating system, Medical Center will be able to obtain quality medical services and obtain goodwill based on recommendations from other clients, medical centers will be able to attract new clients.

High quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment: the platform will also create opportunities for medical centers to new high quality pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Atlantic network platform has a proven business model with signed agreements among leading medical clinics and also pharmaceutical companies with quality medical equipment.

Additional source of income: the platform utilizes ATL tokens as a medium for executing transactions between users and medical centers. These tokens will be subsequently bought back by the platform at the end of the year thereby serving as an additional source of income for medical centers.

To Wrap This Up
Atlantic takes the medical industry to a new level of efficiency using the disruptive potential of blockchain technology to drive this growth. Atlantico also has a proven business model and agreements signed with leading medical and pharmaceutical experts thereby creating a network of qualified medical experts.

Therefore, Atlantico even with the amazing project it is bringing to play has you in mind to be part of the moving train of evolution.

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