There is nothing like this yet! Atlantico is setting the pace for a blockchain driven medical economy. How would you like to receive health care services without fear of it being substandard? That is what Atlantico will do for everyone all over the world. Read on.

Atlantico is all about using the blockchain to rewrite the story of medical and pharmaceutical practices in today's world. Atlantico will be the network that will encourage togetherness for all those who contribute in one way or another towards making health care services available for the masses.
Some of them include the following:
Medical Centers
Pharmaceutical companies
Insurance companies etc

Atlantico promotes openness in the health care sector where every functional arm of the industry will no longer operate without transparency, but instead will have all their activities and transactions out in the open where everyone can have access to such information.

Every price of drug will be regulated on Atlantico and where there is need to make a reduction, that will be done. For every payment made, for every exchange done, a distributed ledger will serve as a witness to such process so that in the case of a dispute, users can easily refer to the ledger.

Atlantico is a project that aims to win in their desire to make health care services more reachable for people all around the globe, that is why they have designed certain features to govern the platform. Let's consider them below:

Every product and service in existence has a level of quality to it. Some are higher than others and what everyone wants to make use of is a product with high quality. That is what this feature will be used for, to help users determine the quality strength of services and products.

Suppliers need a channel to let people know about their products and also to have access to them. This feature will serve this need effectively.

This feature will be both interactive and easy to use to help platform users have access to solutions and rewarding projects.

» Platform members who are active and make good contributions on the platform will be eligible for incentives in the form of tokens. They may choose to convert it to fiat or use them to make purchases.

» Patients will be given the right to choose who should give them health care services based on popular opinion through reviews.

» People who make use of Atlantico to buy medical supplies will receive discounts on their purchases.

» All transactions that happens on Atlantico will have the support of the blockchain which automatically means top notch security for users.

There is no safer ecosystem for all health related services and products except Atlantico. If in the past you have had it rough with health care givers and practitioners, now is your chance to get what you truly deserve, which is a medical service that is based on advanced technologies and free from industry sabotage.

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