The world is evolving from traditional business models to more sophisticated methods of performing tasks due to the disruptiveness ensured by blockchain. This breakthrough technology has caused a paradigm shift in business models changing centralized structures to decentralized open and distributed model.

Recent innovations have been experienced in the financial industry, energy, communication and so on all because of blockchain. The medical industry today is largely centralized as many medical centers are tending towards establishing themselves as monopolies with limited access to the general public, exorbitant medical bills among others have plagued the medical industries in recent times.

Moreover, the medical industry which comprises of medical doctors, pharmaceutical experts and even insurance companies have operated independently from each other. This gives clients the problem of having move between medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance agents. No platform has been able to provide all the services in one.

Atlantico is the first to adopt the disruptive technology of blockchain in the medical industry, with the adoption of blockchain technology Atlantico has been able to provide a one-stop solution for medical services giving clients access to an all in one medical solution.

Introducing Atlantico

Atlantico provides a decentralized open and distributed medical blockchain platform for quality and efficient medical services with regulated prices creating seamless interaction between clients and a network of doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance agencies as well as medical centers in a simple and transparent manner.

Atlantico is creating an ecosystem that prevents medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance agencies from forming monopolies allowing users access to high quality products and services at the best prices.

How will Atlantico achieve this?

The Atlantico platform is developing a network of medical, pharmaceutical and insurance services that will ensure effective and transparent communication within the platform through the three levels:

Quality Control Level: the platform will ensure high quality goods and services on the platform through a rating system based on users recommendations and feedback
Supplier of goods and services level: this allows for placing and distribution of products on the platform by the network of medical, pharmaceutical and insurance companies on the platform.

User level: this level allows users to invite new persons and interact with others on the blockchain platform.

Atlantico's medical blockchain platform provides the following benefits for users, they include:

Summarized data on various diseases and mist effective medicines to cure them, the network of medical doctors, pharmaceutical experts on the platform provide relevant and accurate data on various ailments with the most efficient mediums of tackling them through products distributed on the platform.

More efficient interactions between patients, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, Atlantico provides patients with an all in one solution on the medical blockchain giving patients the ability to get the best of product from high quality pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurance from insurance agencies on the platform.

Access to the best services from medical experts, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The Atlantico platform will expose users to the best services at the best prices through its rating system, consumers can get feedback reports and recommendations on the activities of these companies thereby leaving them with the best choice.

What Do I Think?

Atlantico creates an open and distributed network of decentralized medical services comprising of medical experts, pharmaceutical and insurance companies thereby providing a one stop blockchain solution for medical services.

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