Achievements And Features That Make Viva An Exciting Project

Viva And What it Is All About
Viva is a project that has provided the world with a peer-to-peer system of mortgage financing. Viva has designed an exchange mortgage that is Tokenized to provide borrowers with lenders, all the while, making liquidity abundant on their platform. This platform will enhance private mortgage and make it more secure, transparent and diversified.

Viva makes the mortgage system better by introducing a free market where the services of middlemen will not be needed and this will further make the interest rate for borrowers more affordable. Viva will make the irregularities in the traditional financial system greatly reduced and this will give rise to a more honest valuation of assets and mortgage rates.

Achievements Of Viva Network
A team of professionals with adequate experience for the project.
Mortgage crowdfunding for clients of the platform.
Blockchain technology used to facilitate crowdfunding and make it applicable to real life situations.
Since the coming of cryptocurrency, the world methods of finance, from past eras, have begun to experience changes and Viva is here to build on that. Viva will change the mode of operations in the traditional financial industry by making their model of operation decentralized and making financing more accessible for the needs of people.

In addition, the free market introduced by Viva will make the past risk associated with mortgage to become nonexistent. There will be better mortgage rates for people all thanks to Viva Network. Those in developing countries will have access to better financial deals in their mortgages, thereby making wealth evenly distributed around the world.

The easy accessibility of the Viva platform through smart devices will give users greater access to better credit financing and investment opportunities, all secured on the blockchain, no matter the country of the user.

Features Of Viva Network
Private mortgages will be divided into various FMS, which means Fractionalized Mortgage Shares, to the tune of 100,000. Once these FMS are submitted and verified, they will be qualified for crowdfunding on the Viva exchange platform. Token holders on the Viva platform will then be given the opportunity to participate in the crowdfunding.

Viva further aims to make the mortgage system decentralized through their V-Score feature. This will serve as a credit score that members can trust and which can be used by them to obtain a credit profile on the platform.

Viva has a mission to make the mortgage industry better by introducing the blockchain technology into it so that buyers and sellers will have the freedom to decide their prices without coercion. People from around the world will find credible loan financing on their finger tips through the Viva platform.

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