With the direction the world is heading to today, soon everything will be made digital and that includes our investments. The blockchain have aided in the digitalization and decentralization of the current financial market and that is why it is the right tool in creating an asset management platform.

The asset management industry is worth over trillions of dollars and is currently full of outstanding potentials. But in recent time, it has begun deteriorating in performers due to the fact has been pretty hard to access and its high level of complexities. This is a few on the problems which have driven TRECENTO to create a blockchain based Asset management platform.

TRECENTO CAPITAL is an arm of TRECENTO ASSET MANAGEMENT which have been in existence since 2012. TRECENTO is a 4 in one investment solution which is set to revolutionize the current asset management industry by providing a game changing system of investment.

The blockchain industry provides incredible feature such as security and transparency amongst others, which are few of the problems in which the current industry is currently facing. This is why TRECENTO is adopting the blockchain technology to create a better funds managing system.

The platform is launched by a team of professionals and seasoned investors, the platform is set to capture the best business opportunities offered by the blockchain through a 360-degree investment approach. TRECENTO will be providing individuals and investors with a conventional and working investment solution using 4 investments funds namely;

• Crypto trading funds; trading and arbitrations of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
• Venture capital funds; equity investment in start-up developing blockchain solutions.
• Ico funds; investment in innovative companies who intend raising funds during their private sale.
• Funds of funds; investments in specific funds active in cryptocurrencies /digital assets space and blockchain companies.

Entering the traditional asset management can be quite tasking with a lot of expensive fee structures, which is why the blockchain will have a major impact on the industry. With blockchain technology, margin fee will be greatly reduced and the barriers which have been in the industry will be completely eliminated thereby ultimately resulting in operational efficiency and scalability.

The platform will create a clear and simple investment/financial product for its investors using the blockchain transparent features.

The existing blockchain/digital assets hedge funds have lacked management experience and are based in unusual locations coupled with their lack of importance, investors stand every risk of losing their funds.

This is why TRECENTO will be standing out with its features and implementing its platform in a developed and regulated market.

TRECENTO AM which is one of the fastest growing companies in EUROPE will leverage its already made success in other to ensure that the TRECENTO BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL attain success and completely takes over the industry.

The platform will have its own utility token which will be an ERC-20 standard known as TRECENTO TOKEN (TOT). The token will be available in major exchange in other to drive liquidity. The platform is currently on ICO which will be ending by the 30th of September, this have provided you with the opportunity to get on board the platform by acquiring as much token as possible before it goes into exchange.

Devoid of any shred of doubt, it is unquestionable that the team behind the trecento revolution who will also leverage on the blockchain technology will cause a positive distortion from the current way of achieving global success to a decentralized way, backed up by optimum scalability, reliability, trust, and full transparency.

The ICO to help you become an integral part of the trecento stakeholders is ongoing. It is your chance to help bring forth the required revolution. Do not stay left our. Make up your mind to join the Trecento ICO today.

Are you interested in knowing more about Trecento? Then read more from any of the official trecento project links below:

Link to the ICO
       ○   http://ico.trecento-blockchain.capital/
       ○   http://t.me/trecentobc
       ○   https://www.facebook.com/trecentoBC/
       ○   https://twitter.com/trecentobc
       ○   https://www.linkedin.com/company/trecento-blockchain-capital
       ○   https://medium.com/trecento-blockchain-capital

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