Hello crypto enthusiasts, lovers. I have been somewhat busy for some time now. However, that hasn't or wouldn't stop me from updating my Viewers #smiles. Still bringing to your stable VEIL PROJECT. On today's edition of Veil, I shall be bringing to you one of Veil's system known as Veil Labs.
With the ever increasing rate in online crypto currency transactions, users have sought for ways of secure and anonymous platforms that not only protect user data but also provides a first class integrating anonymity tech that guarantees unlimited privacy.
According to its name, the Veil over the years have built a solid foundation that makes crypto trading safe. With the prevalence of cyberscam and cyber space infringement, crypto trading has been a one way street. Users do not feel safe to trade unless a kind of crypto currency ensures that.


Veil lab is an innovation brought by the Veil project with its own mission, vision, team and goal. Veil labs anchors development and researchs towards the establishment and success of Veil project as a whole. The sole aim of Veil Labs is to conduct researches and developments towards enhancing the technological advancements of privacy and security, cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole.
The Veil Labs is made up of a body of dedicated team with focused vision. It's goal to push the technical boundaries for privacy and anonymity without compromising easiness to scale through and high and expected performance.
The Veil provides those features that ensures that users feel the comfort of trading in a safe space, without the constant fear of infringement, fraud or compromising user cryptosystem data.Some of these features include:

Anonymity: The Veil comes with an anonymous earning feature. This allows an average user trade without fear of giving off any form of data usually associated with other crypto currency.
Privacy: This is provided by platforms like ZeroCoin and RingCT technologies that store and log user data, without necessarily compromising users of the crypt currency and aims to cater for the casual blockchain users who need an easy to navigate platform where they can be sure their crypto fund are well protected. VEIL wil always ensure unlimited, cutting-edge features for both the amateurs and professionals who require the full range of earning more, decision making and fundamentals information at their fingertips.

Another feature of Veil is Consensus algorithm: Veil introduces in it a consensus algorithm of Proof of stake and proof of work. These allows users on Veil platform to stake,mine and earn their tokens anonymously without transactions being traceable.

* Another intriguing uniqueness and feature of Veil is that it is self-sustaining. Unlike every other projects, Veil has no premine nor ICO. Hence, making the project fully backed and funded by the team.

Key in now into the VEIL project to safe guard your funds in a unique and welcoming environment, discover promising new technologies and ask or give advice in a community focused on creating a bright future for everyone! Become part of the VEIL community and be one of its token holders now that the price is still very cheap to afford for everyone.

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